Fish under ice, angler on top of ice

We all want to hit the hard water to drill some holes.  The call of the frozen surface is a strong draw and it will often times cause some of us to not think before we step onto the ice. Every season we hear reports of anglers going through the ice when they had no business even being on the ice.  We have all seen the charts, but to reiterate:

4 inches is good for a person walking

6 inches is good for a snow machine or 4-wheeler

8 inches is good for a light car

12 inches is good for a truck.


Why do we have to lose anglers ever year from falling through the ice?  I do know that we are all anxious to get out onto the ice, but we need to use some common sense.

Safety gear should be a huge priority for early ice anglers.  A good spud bar, flotation vest or suit, throw rope and most importantly a set of spikes-of-life should all be included in your early season gear.

I don’t want to read about another family losing a member because they decided to venture out onto unsafe ice.  Use your head and take the necessary precautions.


Good luck and let’s stay on top!


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