Pennsylvania Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars Report – December 2nd, 2016

From the Game Commission 

Crawford County WCO Randy R. Crago reports charges were filed against a Centerville man for archery hunting without a license and not wearing the required fluorescent orange during the overlap with the fall turkey season.

Erie County WCO Michael J. Stutts Jr. said  charges are pending for a Girard man who removed the head from a large antlered buck that was apparently hit by a vehicle.

Erie County WCO Darin L. Clark cited four individuals for spotlighting after 11 p.m. while in possession of a rifle and bow. He also cited an individual who had taken a mentored youth hunting waterfowl and was hunting with his own firearm and was using lead. The same individual previously was cited for attempting to kill a turkey out of season in Corry.

Jefferson County WCO Roger A. Hartless said the assorted household trash, carpet and furniture that was dumped at two locations on SGL 54 along Game School Road has been cleaned up. Two separate littering charges have been filed against one defendant, as the dumping incidents occurred on different dates and in two townships. Since the sites were cleaned up by the defendant, no additional restitution was requested.

Jefferson County WCOs Andrew D. Troutman and Steven J. Ace encountered an individual driving around in the rain during the early muzzleloader and special firearms season with a loaded rifle and loaded crossbow.

Mercer County WCO Donald G. Chaybin said a non-resident hunter was not in possession of an actual Federal Duck Stamp and had not purchased the temporary stamp with his Pennsylvania license. He had his Ohio licenses and a Wetlands Stamp, but nothing indicated he purchased an eDuck stamp there, either. Later, the Ohio Division of Wildlife verified he never made such a purchase.The hunter was contacted and acknowledged that after reviewing his receipts, he realized he never paid for a Federal Duck stamp. A citation was filed.

Mercer County WCO Donald G. Chaybin received information from a tip concerning a 9-point buck illegally killed by a Greenville man. The caller provided the name and address of the person and stated the man did not have a license. Chaybin went to the suspect’s West Salem Township residence, where the man admitted to shooting the deer with a crossbow.

Mercer County WCO Donald G. Chaybin is investigating an incident where a large amount of household trash was dumped on SGL 130 in Sandy Lake Township. Enough garbage to fill a pickup truck was thrown out in the parking area on the old railroad grade, just off Triple Link Road. The Food and Cover crew filled 26 trash bags.

Clarion and Jefferson counties LMGS Jesse N. Bish said two Jefferson County residents were apprehended for shooting at pheasants within the 150-yard safety zone around the stocking truck. The individuals were within 50 yards of the stocking truck watching the birds being released as they were discharging their firearms.

From the Fish & Boat Commission

Warren County WCO Joseph Underdonk was checking anglers on Walnut Creek in Erie County during the steelhead run and encountered an angler who was unsure of his own birthdate. The individual was found to be missing the required Lake Erie permit and had overstayed his visa in this country by over 14 years. U.S. Border Patrol station Erie responded and took custody of the individual.

From the Fish & Boat Commission

In Allegheny County, while patrolling the Three Rivers Area in Downtown Pittsburgh (The Mon Warf), WCO Mike Johnson observed two men fishing. Johnson observed one of the men reeling in a bass and the other man attempting to net it. As the two men landed the fish, Johnson made contact and asked the man who was reeling in the fish for his fishing license (not displayed). He denied he was fishing. After being presented with the facts that Johnson observed him reeling in the fish, the man admitted he was fishing and did not have a fishing license. The subject appeared very nervous and after a records check with Allegheny County 911, it was determined the subject had a warrant for his arrest out of Brentwood. The man was arrested and taken  to the Allegheny County Jail. The subject will also be cited for fishing without a license.

On a recent patrol of the Fish & Boat Commission Access in Harmar Township, Allegheny County WCOs Matt Raetsch and Mike Johnson came into contact with a person sleeping in a parked vehicle. As officers approached the vehicle, Raetsch observed a revolver in the male subject’s waistband. Officers woke the subject and requested the subject follow their instructions and not to reach for anything. During the records check, Johnson was alerted by Raetsch that the subject could not produce a valid concealed carry permit. Raetsch put the subject in investigatory detention and removed the subject from the vehicle. During a pat-down of the subject, Raetsch asked if the subject had any other weapons. The subject replied that he may have a knife in his front pocket. Raetsch found a loaded 380-auto pistol in the subject’s right front pocket (the subject exclaimed that he had forgotten about the second handgun). As the pat-down continued, Raetsch found a large hunting knife attached to the subject’s belt and a set of brass knuckles (prohibitive offensive weapon) in the subject’s rear pocket. Harmar Township Police were called for assistance.  Upon further investigation, a valid concealed carry permit was located. The subject was released, and charges were filed.

Somerset County WCO Dan McGuire investigated a fish kill at the Chestnut Ridge TU Cooperative Trout Nursery in the Youghiogheny River at the tailrace of the Youghiogheny Dam near Confluence. It was determined that approximately 500 trout, ranging from 12 to 17 inches, were lost. Analysis conducted on dead trout that were recovered revealed the presence of gas bubble disease. The investigation is ongoing.

From the Game Commission

Lycoming County WCO Kristoffer Krebs said a Williamsport woman was found guilty of charges stemming from a July incident where she and her children transported four cottontail rabbits to a store in Williamsport. The rabbits had been removed from the wild and many employees and patrons handled the animals. The woman was found guilty of one count of unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife, and ordered to pay a $100 fine.

McKean County WCO Jeffrey Orwig reports that charges were filed against an individual for setting traps and catching a raccoon a week before the season started.

Elk County WCO Jason Wagner said a St. Marys man pleaded guilty to hunting without first securing a proper license. The individual was hunting during the early muzzleloader season with a loaded inline and wearing the proper amount of fluorescent orange, but he did not have a valid antlerless license or DMAP tag for the area he was hunting. The man suggested he was carrying the gun in case he saw a coyote, but he did not have a valid furtaker license.

Clearfield County WCO Mark Gritzer said  a bowhunter was encountered deer hunting in a baited area outside the city limits of Clearfield. The subject also did not have his hunting license, neglected to purchase the required archery license and lacked the required amount of fluorescent orange material during the early muzzleloader deer season overlap. Charges were filed.

Elk County WCO Susan Edmiston reports an individual has been cited for hunting through the use of bait. The man was sitting in a treestand within sight of several mineral lick locations, and he admitted to placing the mineral there in the summer.

Tioga County WCO Steve Brussese said several individuals were charged with hunting through the use of bait in the archery deer season.


From the Fish & Boat Commission

In Mifflin County, three individuals charged as a result of an investigation into the illegal possession of native venomous snakes have been successfully adjudicated by the Mifflin County Court.  A search of the suspects’ residence revealed a cache of imported venomous cobras in addition to the native timber rattlesnakes, as well as unlawfully taken big game and drug paraphernalia. The investigation revealed that these adults routinely failed to secure the venomous snakes while a 9-year-old child was present in the home. A jury found one of the suspects guilty of felony endangering the welfare of a child, with the other two suspects subsequently entering guilty pleas to the criminal charges filed.

In Huntingdon County, a Dillsburg man charged as a result of a fatal boating incident on Raystown Lake during July of 2014 was recently adjudicated by the Huntingdon County Court. A passenger on board the suspect’s vessel drowned as a result of the operator colliding with the lake shoreline after dark. The responsible party entered into a plea agreement for a misdemeanor charge of Reckless Operation of Watercraft, and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and assessed a $2,500 fine.  A five-year boating privilege suspension was also imposed. The operator was also ordered to pay restitution to the deceased member’s family in the amount of $17,395.

In Huntingdon County, while participating in after hours patrol in concert with the Pennsylvania Game Commission “Operation Talon” statewide enforcement effort, CPT Alan Robinson and PGC Deputy WCO Terry Clevenger encountered four individuals engaged in illicit misconduct (smoking marijuana) in close proximity to their point of concealed surveillance. Criminal charges of Disorderly Conduct and Littering were filed.

From the Game Commission

Bradford County WCO Blake Barth reports that, during his checks of small-game hunters, he found some of their shotguns were not plugged to a three-shell total capacity. “Hunters should take time to make sure their equipment is in compliance with laws and regulations prior to going afield,” Barth said.

Luzerne County WCO Gerald Kapral reports he recently cited an individual for hunting in a safety zone, hunting in a baited area, and allowing his 13-year-old son to hunt unaccompanied. That person also received a warning for hunting from an enclosed blind and failing to post an orange band near the blind location. He pleaded guilty to all citations.

Luzerne County WCO Gerald Kapral filed several citations against an individual for shooting a buck with a firearm during the early antlerless deer-only muzzleloader season. The violation was witnessed by an archery hunter, and when the witness advised the man that it was antlerless deer season only, the violator fled the area. Interviews with local residents led to a description of a vehicle and a license-plate number that enabled officers to track down the violator. A hearing is pending.

Luzerne County WCO Gerald Kapral  filed citations after he observed a turkey hunter take a loaded shotgun that was leaning against a vehicle and feverishly work the action to eject the shells in the gun. Despite being told to stop, the hunter continued and ejected three shells. Examination of the shotgun also showed that it was not plugged to a three-shell maximum capacity.

Northumberland County WCO Jason Kelley reports citing several individuals on the SGL 58 shooting range for not possessing range permits, possessing a firearm containing excess rounds, and firing from positions other than the designated firing line.

Bradford County WCO Eric Kelly reports drug-related criminal charges are pending against two individuals after an incident in Standing Stone Township.

Pike and Monroe counties WCO Mark Kropa investigated two men who shot an antlerless deer in a baited area. Each face fines of over $700, plus loss of hunting privileges.

From the Fish & Boat Commission

Following up on a tip from a concerned hiker, Susquehanna County WCO Chad McKenrick apprehended an individual for dumping a large amount of garbage along Starrucca Creek (a stocked trout water). The refuse was dumped along the Rails to Trails property that allows access for fishermen.

From the Game Commission

Berks County WCO Dave Brockmeier said  multiple citations are pending against individuals for spotlighting while in possession of firearms and bows.

Dauphin County WCO Scott Frederick, along with PAFBC WCO Doug Deppen and WCO Jeremy Ney stopped a vehicle after suspicious behavior was observed as it spotlighted. The stop revealed a cocked crossbow in the occupants’ possession. Charges are pending.

Lancaster County WCO John Veylupek is investigating the unlawful shooting of a buck in the Marietta area.

Lancaster County DWCOs Frank Ziobro and Jack Bennett investigated a trash-dumping case on State Game Land 156. Charges are pending.

Lancaster County WCO Dennis Warfel said two hunters were cited for taking a pheasant on the day before the opener, as well as having shotguns not plugged to a three-shell capacity. Three hunters were cited for failing to wear the required orange.

From the Fish & Boat Commission

Berks County PF&BC officers conducted a law enforcement detail after the recent fall trout stocking at Antietam Lake. Officers fishing in plain clothes, as well as officers in concealed locations, observed the actions of the fishermen at the lake once the trout were stocked, in an effort to address complaints they’ve received this year about anglers exceeding the daily creel limit for trout, especially after a stocking. As the result, five persons were apprehended and cited for exceeding the daily creel limit for trout, two were cited for fishing without a license, and one subject was cited for failing to have a trout/salmon permit while possessing trout.

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