Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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Life in the ice fishing belt 

Minnesotans who aren’t much for the cold sure have been praising global warming lately. Meanwhile, ice anglers across the state are experiencing major withdrawal symptoms.

The long-range forecast suggests a potential for ice making weather next week. We shall see if that holds true, but you know it’s been a warm autumn when December lows in the teens is reason to celebrate.

What’s needed most is a good week of lows hovering around zero and highs in the teens to build-up a solid base of ice. Waiting on ice is just part of the ice fishing gig but it’s made me so stir crazy I decide to craft a poem.

It’s a tribute to my favorite time of the year. As much fun as a gorgeous day in the canoe or boat can be, there’s something extra special about life on the crust of a frozen lake in pursuit of life underwater.

I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I enjoyed writing it. The experience certainly was good therapy in a pre-ice fishing world gone mad.

Ode to the Ice Fishing Angler

In the north, winter’s lots of fun.

The heat is gone but not the sun.

The weather is harsh, people nice.

Plenty of action on the ice.

A barren wasteland, some believe.

Ice fishing offers us reprieve.

Above the ice, not much to see.

Below the ice, things are fishy.

Augers are powerful ice drills.

They tap the ice, unlocking thrills.

Pop a few holes, clear out the slush.

Get ready to fish. Feel the rush!

Drop down a lure, give it a jig.

Watch electronics for something big.

A flasher shows action below.

A camera lets you watch a show.

Get a bite. Fish on! Set the hook.

Rod bent, drag screaming,take a look.

Down the hole, as it nears you’ll see.

What’s on the line? Shout,  “Yippee!”

Guide the fish into the ice hole.

Reach down, grab it and get control.

Sunfish, crappie, perch, walleye, pike.

Take a photo for friends to like.

Ice fishing is such a fun sport.

Six months of winter, way too short.

The ice calls to you. Give it a try.

Ice fishing helps winter whisk by.

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