Pennsylvania Outdoor News Fishing Report – September 9th, 2016


Lake Erie  — On Aug. 27, Poor Richard’s Bait & Tackle reported nice catches of walleyes and perch, with the walleyes hitting deep diving plugs in 56 to 72 feet by the Ohio State line. Perch, including many limits, were reported in 45 to 50 feet straight out of Walnut. It was way too hot in late August for steelhead to show up at the mouths of the tribs, Poor Richard’s said. Most of the piers were productive in recent weeks, with nice-sized perch hitting minnows and meal worms off of the east and west piers.

Presque Isle Bay — Marina Lake anglers were catching smallmouth and largemouth bass on weedless-rigged dark plastics in recent weeks.

French Creek (Erie, Crawford, Venango, Mercer counties) —Smallmouth bass, walleyes, and an occasional northern pike were reported throughout this Allegheny River tributary. Tubes and grubs were productive on the smallmouth bass, while walleyes were hitting stickbaits and grubs in the faster sections of the creek.

Conneaut Lake (Crawford County) — Nice-sized bluegills were hitting in deeper water through late August. Anglers also were targeting smallmouth and largemouth bass around the edges of weedbeds in the northern end of this 925-acre natural lake. Boating activity tends to be a problem for anglers in the summer, but should wind down with the approach of fall.

Canadohta Lake (Crawford County) — A few largemouth bass were reported on this natural lake in recent weeks.

Allegheny River (Venango County) — Nice catches of smallmouth bass and walleyes were reported at the end of August, with tubes, grubs and stickbaits able to run weedless effective. Grasses floating on or near the surface of the water became a problem in recent weeks for anglers, particular those in jet boats, who were having to constantly clean their jet drives to get rid of the debris.

Sugar Lake (Crawford County) — A few bluegills and yellow perch were reported in late August.

Lake Arthur (Butler County) — On Aug. 27, Appalachian Trails reported numbers of channel catfish, including one measuring 40-plus inches. Northern pike and largemouth bass also were becoming active, with shiners the ticket. Bluegills were hitting along the shoreline. Crappies were reported around brush piles in 10 to 12 feet of water.


Yellow Creek Lake (Indiana County) — Northern pike and cat fish were hitting in the later evening hours through the end of August. Largemouth bass up to 16-plus inches were reported in the early morning hours. Bluegills and yellow perch also were hitting in recent weeks.

Keystone Lake (Armstrong County) — Legal-size largemouth bass were reported in recent weeks, while legal-size muskies were hitting in the coves.

Mahoning Creek Lake (Armstrong County) — Legal-size muskies were reported at the Atwood launch area outside of Dayton. Numbers of sunfish and yellow perch also were reported.

High Point Lake (Somerset County) — Nice-size largemouth bass and panfish were hitting on this mountaintop impoundment through the end of August.

Quemahoning Reservoir (Somerset County) — Anglers were catching some nice walleyes, trolling, and northern pike, including a 37-inch pike that was released.

Somerset Lake (Somerset County) — Channel catfish and carp were reported, along with bass and crappies in recent weeks.

Youghiogheny River (Westmore-land County) — The tailrace of this popular Monongahela River tributary was slated for stocking Sept. 2.

Youghiogheny River Reservoir (Westmoreland County) — A decent smallmouth bass bite was reported in recent weeks. Trout also were reported in the deeper, colder waters.

Canonsburg Lake (Washington County) — Shore anglers reported catching brown bullheads along with the occasional large channel catfish, with the channels biting dough balls and chicken livers.


Hammond, Cowanesque lakes (Tioga County) — Bass were hitting jigs, topwaters and various plastics through late August, with many catches coming in or near shallow water. Popping frogs and other topwater baits were effective. The deeper water also was yielding bass on crankbaits in goby and perch patterns and in green pumpkin and watermelon colors.

Tioga Lake and spillway (Tioga County) — Catfish were hitting on liver, live shiners and nightcrawlers.

Pine Creek (Tioga County) — Anglers were catching smallmouth bass on crayfish, hellgrammites, shiners, twister tails, 4-inch rubber works, and small stickbaits in the warm water of late August.

Fishing Creek (Clinton County) — Trout were reported in the early morning and late evening hours of recent weeks on nymphs, such as dark Stoneflies, Bead-head Prince nymphs, Bead-head Pheasant Tail nymphs, and other subsurface patterns. Rising trout were taking dry flies, such as Tan Caddis, Blue-Winged Olives, and midges.

West Branch Susquehanna River  — Bass were hitting poppers, particularly those in yellow and white, and crankbaits.

Spring Creek (Centre County) — Anglers were catching trout on terrestrials, such as beetles, ants, and grasshoppers, and on adult midge patterns in recent weeks. Nymphs were the bait of choice for many anglers, with late morning and evening hours the best for catching.

Penns Creek (Snyder County) — The lower reaches were yielding smallmouth bass on poppers and crankbaits in recent weeks. The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission reminds anglers that some portions of Penns are closed. For locations, visit

East Branch Dam (Elk County) — The main boat launch will be closed until next spring, the consequence of the recent drought, and water levels failing to reach summer pool because of poor snow melt last winter.


Susquehanna River (Dauphin County) — Bass were reported between Harrisburg and Millersburg in recent weeks, with some anglers releasing a couple of dozen in one outing. Topwater lures were particularly productive.

Juniata River (Huntingdon County) — In the low water of late August, anglers were finding it difficult to use a motor boat, and many were fishing from canoes and kayaks instead. Nice-sized smallmouth bass were reported on tubes. Catfish are hitting at night on various baits.

Gifford Pinchot Lake (York County) — Some nice largemouth bass were reported, with shady spots such as under a bridge productive.

Lake Marburg (York County) — On Aug. 27, B & B Lures tackle shop reported numbers of white perch hitting on crawlers on spinner rigs, with the bite deeper during the day and closer to the surface in the early morning and evening hours. Schools were moving about, but fish were also hitting around bridges in the evenings. Fish averaged 10 to 12 inches. Largemouth bass were biting around grass and in deeper water on soft plastics. A spotty crappie bite was reported, but fish tended to be in deeper water and hitting minnow patterns or shiners. Muskies, northern pike and yellow perch were very deep.


Moon Lake (Luzerne County) — Nice catches of panfish were reported in late August, with drop-offs and the edges of weedbeds productive, especially when targeted just before and after sunset. Boaters are advised that the bridge project on Route 415 by the Grotto is now finished.

Susquehanna River (Wyoming County) — Smallmouth bass were reported, with fish more active in the morning and evening hours and in shaded areas or deeper water. Rainfall refreshed water levels in late August, although hot temperatures put a dent on angling pressure.

Hunters Lake (Sullivan County) — Anglers were catching trout on PowerBait fishing the deeper waters in recent weeks.


Octoraro Lake (Chester County) — On Aug. 27, Jim Neary’s Bait and Tackle reported a good largemouth bass bite, particularly in the morning and late afternoon hours, with plastic worms in red- or blue-flecked green pumpkin colors the best bets. The biggest bass the shop weighed was 4-pounds, 3 ounces. The white perch bite wasn’t as good as a month ago, but anglers were still catching buckets-full on chunks of crawlers fishing on the bottom without bobbers near rip-rap. The occasional walleye and striped bass was reported in deeper water. Channel, yellow, and brown bullhead catfish were hitting on clam snouts and green crawlers Crappies were down as deep as 26 feet and also biting around submerged tree tops. Two-inch tube skirts on jig heads with powerbait nuggets were effective, Neary said.

Marsh Creek Lake (Chester County) — A slow bass bite was reported on this Big Bass Program impoundment in recent weeks, with jerkbaits, large plastic worms and jigs bringing in a few fish from weedy areas. Black and purple were the better bait colors. Bluegills and crappies were hitting minnows, mealworms, and waxworms. Muskies were striking bass spinnerbaits near shore.

Chambers Lake (Chester County) — Crappies up to 12 inches were reported in about 10 feet of water. Small shiners or crappie rigs fished about 5 feet under a pencil bobber were effective.

Schuylkill River — Smallmouth bass were hitting around the Cromby Power Plant area down river to the Black Rock Dam area in recent weeks, with most fish coming from the weedbeds on artificial lures, such as plastic crayfish and worm patterns. Flathead catfish were reported on live bluegills and night crawlers. One angler reported catching a 25-pound flathead upstream of the railroad bridge on half a crawler.

Delaware River (Bucks County) — Smallmouth bass were hitting soft plastic grubs on jigheads in recent weeks. Weedless lures were advised, given the river’s thick vegetation. Striped bass were hitting around the wing dam section of the Delaware of live eels.

Neshaminy Creek (Bucks County) — Smallmouth bass, rock bass and other sunfish were reported around the Tyler State Park stretch, with minnows, twister tails, and spinners effective.

Compiled by Deborah Weisberg

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