Boost your casting distance to boost your angling success this summer

Why should you want to cast farther? What’s in it for you? There are many times when fishing that a medium-range cast suffices. But there are many times when pulling off longer casts will deliver more photo fish.

Whenever I’m fishing shallow water, even semi-shallow, I’m concerned about spooking fish. If I’m on a lake with ample boating traffic, you’d better bet crappies, bass, and walleyes will be spooky, and the farther my boat from those fish, the better. You can still reach them via long casts.

For starters, a good rule of angling thumb is to always cast beyond your target. See a pod of fish surfacing or perhaps you marked a school of bass a few yards back? Stop and cast beyond them, then retrieve your lure through that prime water. Obviously, improving your ability to deliver more pinpointed accurate casts will help here.

How do we physically cast farther? The No. 1 factor in achieving a longer cast is filling your reel to the manufacturer’s capacity. Too often we think we don’t have enough line and we overfill, or we figure we don’t need much backing and we under-fill. Both errors will cost you casting distance.

Another tip: Use quality line and replace it frequently. Change it more than once per year to minimize the memory that line, especially monofilament, will acquire.

Adjust your spool tension and drag appropriately. Both will affect the distance your lure travels. Baits and lures have different weights and shapes that affect how they travel through the air.

Every rod and reel is rated for certain sizes of lines and ensuring that they’re compatible will increase your casting distance. Longer rods give you more leverage and therefore increase casting distance.

And keep those rod guides clean! Dirty or frayed line guides will at best, slow your cast, and at worst, tear and weaken your fishing line.

Finally, the cast: To make a long cast, move your rod back and swing forward with emphasis. Don’t just lightly toss it out. For those ultra long casts, imagine you’re throwing a baseball in from center field.

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