Michigan Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars Report – July 29th, 2016


CO Denny Gast made contact with three adults and five kids fishing with live bait on Lake Perrault. Lake Perrault is a designated artificial-lures-only trout lake. Gast was just going to educate them on the no live bait regulation on the lake until an undersize trout was discovered in their boat. Law enforcement action was taken.

CO Ethen Mapes attended a kid’s fishing derby. Mapes spoke with children and their parents about the importance of using good ethics while fishing. Over 100 kids turned out for the even that was held on the Ontonagon River.

CO Matt Eberly contacted a boat with four occupants on Torch Lake that was having engine trouble. With the high winds they became stranded. Eberly assisted the boaters by helping them get back to the Hubble
Landing safely.

CO Shannon Kritz was patrolling remote lakes in Gogebic County when she observed two subjects fishing from kayaks. Kritz made contact with the subjects and found that neither angler had PFDs with them. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Denny Gast was checking Perrault Lake, a Type D trout lake, which does not allow the use of live bait. Gast located an angler fishing with no license and using live bait.

Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brian Lasanen was checking boats coming off Lake Gogebic just after dark. Lasanen made contact with a boat that had three anglers on board. The anglers advised they did well, and caught eight walleyes. While Lasanen was measuring the walleye, the anglers said they are the most straight arrow fishermen you are going to find. Lasanen advised the anglers of the size limit and that they were in possession of three short walleyes. Law enforcement action was taken.

CO Ethen Mapes was on patrol in Ontonagon County when he discovered a road-kill eagle that had been eating a road-kill snapping turtle. After some research, it was found that the eagle was banded in 1995.


COs Michael Evink and Patrick Hartsig participated in an inter-agency community event in the Hiawatha National Forest. The event was designed to highlight the fishing and outdoor opportunities available in the forest. The weather was wonderful and there was a very good turnout. The COs interacted with approximately 300 outdoor enthusiasts.

CO Mark Zitnik was patrolling some remote lakes in Delta County when he came across an angler fishing with a boat that had not been registered since 1990. The angler thought since he was using a trolling motor he did not need his boat registered. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Mark Zitnik and Calvin Smith located two individuals fishing on a trophy trout lake. The COs watched the anglers for over an hour using worms as bait. The anglers had an undersized brook trout, an over limit of brook trout, and used non-artificial lures on prohibited waters (trout waters). Enforcement action was taken.

CO Chris Lynch and Mike Evink conducted a POC facility inspection on a facility that had let its license expire. Through the inspection it was discovered there were no deer at the facility. Upon interviewing the facility owner, he stated all 28 of his deer had escaped and he failed to notify the proper personnel. Charges are being sought through the Delta County prosecutor’s office.

CO Chris Lynch received a complaint from the report-all-poaching line of shots fired and a possible poached deer and two fawns that were located near where the shots were fired. Lynch responded to the scene and discovered a dead doe. A necropsy was performed and a .20 caliber size hole was located in the deer. Several interviews were conducted and a suspect was identified. Upon interviewing the suspect a full confession was obtained and the .22 caliber weapon used in the poaching was seized. The suspect stated he shot the deer because it was eating his flowers. Both of the doe’s fawns died as a result of their mother dying. Charges are being sought through the Delta County prosecutor’s office for taking deer during a closed season, and discharging a firearm within the safety zone.


While CO Andrea Albert and Probationary CO Tom Oberg were loading their patrol boat at a DNR access site, officers noticed a subject’s dog that was off a leash attacking another dog. The dog owner was intoxicated and said he wanted to let his dog associate with other dogs. Officers ticketed the dog owner for not having his dog on a leash. Fortunately neither dog was injured during the incident.

CO Steve Speigl and PCO Travis Dragomer were patrolling Antrim County when they noticed a car heading towards them with something amiss. When the car passed them they noticed the spare tire (between the rear wheels of the car) had been lowered and was dragging on the paved surface creating a very loud noise. The COs turned around to stop the car and advise the driver of the mishap. When the driver pulled over, an elderly man exited the car and started yelling at the COs saying, “NOW WHAT’S THIS ALL ABOUT?!” The COs kindly pointed out the spare tire dragging on the ground. The man, who had a hearing impairment, said he couldn’t hear the tire dragging and then told the COs, “You guys are alright.” The tire was secured inside the car and the man was sent on his way.

CO Duane Budreau responded to a complaint of an individual on Walloon Lake “shooting rocks” at geese to get them off his property. The suspect was contacted and enforcement action taken.

CO Matt Theunick participated in a youth fishing clinic-tournament on the Cheboygan River. Theunick assisted youth and answered questions from kids and adults.

PCO Kyle Cherry and CO Mark DePew made a traffic stop on an erratic driver, arresting the driver for operating while intoxicated (OWI) and open intoxicants. Ironically, DePew had found the suspect’s backpack and gear on state land last year during deer season and was unable to locate him. So, the man’s property was finally returned to him, while he was in jail.

CO Nick Torsky finally caught up with an individual who had been leaving his boat at an Otsego Lake State Park campsite since early May. After contacting several prior owners, the culprit was located and contacted. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Rebecca Hopkins and PCO Colton Gelinas participated with DNR Fisheries personnel in the 10th Annual Kids Fishing Day at the Maritime Academy in Traverse City. Over 800 rainbow trout were stocked and those under the age of 17 were allowed to participate in the event. This event is attendant by numerous kids of all ages with many business and volunteers assisting.

CO Justin Vanderlinde and PCO Carter Woodwyk received a complaint of a dog attacking and killing a fawn in Benzie County. Upon arrival on scene, they located a dead fawn and the suspected dog in front of the home owner’s residence. They had a brief conversation with the dog owner discussing the possible fines associated with their dog killing a deer. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Justin Vanderlinde and PCO Carter Woodwyk were conducting a marine patrol on Lake Michigan. They spotted three people kayaking about a quarter mile off the north tip of Leelanau County. Upon making contact with them to conduct a safety check, it was discovered that none of them had personal flotation devices (PFD). They discussed all the hazards of being on Lake Michigan without PFDs. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Justin Vanderlinde and PCO Carter Woodwyk were conducting a marine patrol in West Grand Traverse Bay when they observed a subject riding on the bow of a boat. The subject was dangling his feet through the railing of the boat while the boat was operating at full speed. Vanderlinde and Woodwyk conducted a stop on the boat for the violation. Upon further investigation, several other violations were discovered, including expired flares and no audible signaling device. Enforcement action taken.

CO Steve Converse reports a successful outcome in a jury trial in Lake County. The case involved a subject who had killed a 9-point buck and then purchased the tag the next day. The subject was found guilty of hunting without a license and taking a deer without a license. The judge imposed the penalty by statute, sentencing the subject to 5 days in jail, $6,500 in restitution, and no hunting privileges until 2021.


CO Mark Papineau assisted Gladwin City Police with a report of shots fired from a residence. The caller reported hearing several gunshots coming from within the residence and hid in the closet while calling 911. Papineau assisted city police officers setting up a perimeter and contact was made with several occupants within the residence. After securing the occupants, a complete search of the residence was conducted. During the search of the residence, officers located the caller, who was highly intoxicated and appeared to be under the influence of unknown narcotics. It was determined that no gunfire occurred and that the caller hallucinated the entire event.

CO Phil Hudson was checking boats coming into the Pine River launch when an excited angler ran up to Hudson from the dock stating that he had a deer in his boat. Hudson asked if it was a small deer and the angler advised it was a full size deer. The angler stated that the deer was swimming approximately three miles off shore and kept going under water so they pulled it into their boat and brought it to shore. During the release, one of the anglers was struck by the mature whitetail deer’s hooves and left a deep gash on his arm. Hudson cleaned and bandaged the wound and advised the angler to get it checked out. The angler stated that he would, but not until after he was done fishing for the day and they headed back out to on the water.

CO Josh Wright and CO Ethan Gainforth saw a motorcycle with two occupants operating very slowly along the shoulder of a two-lane road. After getting a closer look, Wright realized that the operator was a suspect in a trapping complaint. Wright also knew that he was operating his motorcycle while his driver’s license was permanently revoked. After making contact with the operator, Wright interviewed him regarding the complaint, which included recreational trespass, setting traps during the closed season, taking a raccoon during closed season, failing to check traps and the DWLS. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Sam Schluckbier received a complaint of ORV trespass and vandalism at a Kalkaska County Recreation Area. The suspects caused severe erosion damage to a hill that was dedicated in memory of a community member who had passed away. After taking to Facebook and other social media outlets, Schluckbier received much feedback from the community. Several suspects were identified. Interviews were conducted and confessions were obtained by a few individuals. Restoration efforts are in progress and enforcement action is pending.


While checking remote lakes in the Flat River State Game Area, CO Ken Lowell located a couple of anglers. Neither of the anglers had a fishing license and both stated they did not think anyone would venture way back there to check them. They were surprised and they left with citations for fishing without licenses.

CO Quincy Gowenlock appeared to testify for a bench trial at the 70th District Court of Saginaw for a defendant who was arrested for recreational trespass. Halfway through the trial, it was brought to Gowenlock’s attention that the subject seen walking in to the courtroom with the defendant was his unidentified accomplice in the original crime. The CO made contact with the unidentified suspect and obtained his information. When questioned, the suspect admitted to being with the defendant that night and trespassing. A plea agreement was then reached, and the defendant pleaded guilty to the original charge and was assessed $700 in fines and costs. The CO then had a warrant issued for the second subject and his case is pending.

PCO Joseph Myers, CO Robert Hobkirk, and CO Seth Rhodea followed up on a complaint that a fisherman had left his trap nets out for too long on the east side of Fish Point. After conducting a patrol of the area the COs found the trap net full of rotting fish. No tag was located on the nets and CFS Larry Desloover of the Great Lakes Enforcement Unit was contacted. Myers and Hobkirk conducted an interview of the suspect. Enforcement action will be sought.

While working a recent marine patrol, COs Bob Hobkirk and Kyle Bucholtz observed two subjects fishing from kayaks near the tip of Huron County. Upon speaking with the subjects, it was noted neither subject had a fishing license. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Greg Patten and an intern responded to a complaint on Half Moon Lake in Muskegon County where a subject on a personal watercraft was driving in circles around a mute swan and struck it. A witness said the subject hit the swan deliberately. Patten met with the suspect who claimed it was an accident. A report will be sent to the prosecutor’s office for potential charges.

While checking anglers along the Grand River in Kent County, CO Justin Ulberg spoke with a 15-year-old angler who informed him that he had caught a pretty nice bass. Ulberg checked the young angler’s cooler and discovered the bass was actually an undersized walleye. Ulberg educated the young angler on fish identification and released the walleye back into the river.

During a joint patrol, COs Jeremy Beavers and Richard Cardenas conducted a marine patrol on Thornapple Lake in Barry County. While checking anglers, the officers spotted two subjects on a boat who appeared to quickly pack up and return to the launch. Beavers and Cardenas completed their marine checks on the lake and returned to the launch to make contact with the anglers. During their checks of the subjects, it was discovered they did not have life jackets in the boat. The owner of the boat was cited for the violation.

CO Andy Bauer responded to a call from Warren Dunes State Park of a group of subjects that had been drinking who were underage and had two shotguns in the back seat of their car. The shotguns were not cased and one of the shotguns had too short of a barrel. Baroda Lake Police Department also responded and the subjects were cited for minor in possession of alcohol and for possessing an uncased gun in a motor vehicle. A report regarding the short barreled shotgun will be submitted to the prosecutor’s office for review.


CO Brandon Hartleben followed-up on a complaint of a man trapping northern cardinals and keeping them in cages on his deck. Hartleben investigated the area and was able to successfully release three male and two female cardinals from cages on the back deck at the residence. Hartleben returned later in the day and made contact with the man who was responsible for trapping and holding the cardinals. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Andrew Monnich was patrolling through the Hudson Recreation Area checking anglers and contacted an individual who was wading in the water fishing. The individual dropped what looked to be a stringer with a fish on it. The individual came to shore with his fishing license ready and Monnich asked what was on the stringer. The individual stated he didn’t know of any stringer and hadn’t caught any fish. While talking, the stringer with a 10 inch largemouth bass came floating in to shore. The fisherman stated that it was his and he was only keeping it for a picture and then going to release it. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Andrew Monnich was on patrol when he noticed an ORV with a father and two young children on a county road with busy traffic. Monnich initiated a stop on the ORV and asked where they were heading. The operator stated they were going to ride some trails on a piece of property just down the road. Monnich knew the land owner of the property who had been having problems with ORVs trespassing and driving through his crops. Monnich asked the operator if he knew the land owner and he stated that he didn’t. Enforcement action was taken for operating an ORV on the roadway and the driver was warned about trespassing.

CO Larn Strawn received a report all poaching complaint of a person trapping and killing small game in a neighborhood in Clinton County. Strawn responded and contacted and interviewed several witnesses, as well as the suspect. During the investigation Strawn discovered a live trap and a red fox squirrel carcass. The suspect admitted to trapping and killing the squirrel as well as many as 40 other squirrels and a raccoon. Strawn seized the squirrel carcass and is forwarding a warrant request to the Clinton County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Matthew Neterer responded to a call of juveniles harassing a hen turkey on her nest at Ingham Park in Lansing. Neterer arrived to find the juveniles just leaving the park. They admitted to Neterer that they had been by the nest several times because they were curious. Neterer followed the juveniles to their house where they and their parents were educated on the importance of leaving the hen and her nest alone and the possible consequences if they do not.


CO David Schaumburger went to a shore angling spot. He drove through the grass to the very end of the pier. As he was pulling up, he heard anglers shouting, “Warden, Warden, Warden.” As the CO put the vehicle in park, he spotted a man holding a stringer in his hand with a smallmouth bass on the end of it. The CO approached the angler and asked why he was in possession of the smallmouth bass and the angler replied, “I’m not in possession of the bass, I’m possessing the stringer.” The CO asked the angler whose bass it was, and the angler stated that he knew who caught it, but did not want to give him up. Enforcement action was taken for possessing bass in a closed season.

COs Raymond Gardner and David Schaumburger attended the Kids Fishing Fest at Milliken State Park and Harbor in Detroit. While there, the COs answered any questions participants may have had for them. Schaumburger also fixed a fishing pole for a young participant, so that he would be able to continue fishing.

COs David Schaumburger, Brad Silorey and Dan Walzak were working a popular shore angling spot known for taking bass out of season and set up surveillance on the area. The COs observed the area from across a canal and with the aid of binoculars and a cell phone video camera, were able to witness an angler catch a smallmouth and put it on a stringer over the edge of a seawall, along with two bass already on the stringer. The COs made contact with the angler, who completely denied the allegations of possessing three out-of-season bass. It was only until the angler was shown the video of him handling the stringer that he confessed to the crime. Enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling Oakland County, CO Jason Becker observed a driver exit a driveway along M-59 heading east bound. The subject drove his vehicle into the left turn lane and came up to another vehicle facing west bound attempting to make a legal left turn. The subject swerved into oncoming traffic to go around the vehicle in the turn lane. Becker conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle for operating east bound in the west bound lanes. The subject stated he was late for work and didn’t want to wait for the other vehicle to complete a legal left turn. Enforcement action was taken.

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