Michigan Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars Report – July 1st, 2016


CO Brian Lasanen checked a popular type 3 trout stream. An angler there said he had caught a 12-inch brook trout. Lasanen advised the angler the minimum size limit for brook trout the stream was 15 inches. Upon further measurement of the brook trout it was only 11 inches. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Ethen Mapes was patrolling the ORV trail along the Ontonagon River when three young kids came running up to him. The kids recognized Mapes from hunter safety and ORV safety classes that he helped teach at the local school. The young anglers were proud to show off a 14-inch walleye they had just caught in the river. Mapes educated the young anglers on the legal size of walleye and how to measure the fish.

CO Matt Eberly made contact with two young teenage girls who were covered in mud and being feasted on by bugs. The girls stated they had their grandfathers’ golf cart and had gotten stuck on a side trail. They had called their grandfather but they did not know where they were. Eberly provided the girls some bug spray, found the golf cart and was able to get it unstuck before grandpa showed up. The golf cart and girls were turned over to grandpa, receiving many thanks for his assistance.

CO Doug Hermanson assisted Wildlife Division in collecting organ specimens for laboratory examination from an 800-pound bull moose that was struck by a motor vehicle on US-41 near Parent Lake. The vehicle and trailer sustained minor damage but the injuries sustained by the moose required it to be euthanized.

CO Brett DeLonge was conducting an ORV patrol in Menominee County when he observed multiple ORVs traveling on a county road. DeLonge observed one operator not wearing a helmet and that two ORVs in the group were not displaying ORV licenses. DeLonge conducted a traffic stop on the group and informed the operators of their violations. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Mark Leadman instructed a marine safety course at the Bay Cliff Health Camp for Becoming an Outdoors Woman participants over the weekend. Bay Cliff Health Camp is located in Big Bay.


COs Jon Busken and John Wenzel were on routine patrol on South Manistique Lake when they observed a boat without MC numbers being operated. Contact was made with the operator who was also found to not have enough life jackets for all the occupants aboard. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Jon Busken made contact with four occupants in a boat on Millecoquin Lake. Two of the occupants immediately provided their fishing licenses. The other occupants looked through their wallets for a few moments and then confessed that they did not have fishing licenses. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Bobby Watson was patrolling with Sgt. Michael Hammill on the St. Mary’s River system. As Hammill approached one particular fisherman,Watson observed the fisherman reeling in one of his fishing poles. Watson counted the fisherman’s lines that were in the water and noted that the fisherman was using too many lines. Enforcement action was taken.

Watson and Hammill also responded to a complaint of a stranded pontoon boat in a very mucky and shallow portion of a local lake, far from shore. The pontoon’s outboard motor had stopped working and the young family had drifted into an area of the lake where they then became stuck. Hammill and Watson responded with a shallow-water boat and a Mud Buddy surface drive motor and safely towed the stranded boaters back to the shoreline.

COs Brett Gustafson and Jon Busken assisted Secretary of State  Ruth Johnson in the Straits of Mackinac. Johnson and a staff member utilized Johnson’s sea kayak to traverse the Straits and arrived safely on Mackinac Island.

While checking several trophy trout lakes COs Zitnik and Christopher Lynch came across two individuals walking down a remote road swatting mosquitoes. About a mile up the road, Zitnik observed fresh tire tracks going down a two track across from a trophy trout lake. They followed the tracks to two kayaks with brook trout in them and a parked vehicle. The COs ran the plate of the 1994 Suzuki Sidekick that came back on a 1995 Chevy pickup. The COs made contact with the two individuals on the road who stated it was their belongings and their battery died. Enforcement action was taken for illegal use of a registration plate, possession of marijuana and use of non-artificial lure on prohibited waters (trout waters).


CO Andrea Albert contacted a kayaker on Lake Michigan that was a quarter mile off shore in 51 degree water without a life preserver. The kayaker had a river kayak that would make it very difficult if not impossible for him to get back into it if he flipped. A ticket was issued for the violation and Albert made sure the kayaker made it safely back to shore.

COs Albert and Steve Speigl worked several areas of state land where there has been ongoing illegal ORV activity on the Antrim County snowmobile trails. The illegal ORV operation is damaging the snowmobile trails. Several tickets were issued for operation in a closed area on state land.

CO Andrea Erratt attended a 6th grade girls’ campout talking to the young girls about the job of a conservation officer. There were 38 youngsters in attendance

CO Erratt came upon two subjects mushroom hunting on private property. The subjects claimed they did not see any “no trespassing” signs. Erratt pointed out several signs that the subjects had walked and driven past. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Rosochacki gave a presentation to a group of Boy Scouts while on sturgeon patrol on the Black River. The Scouts were volunteering as sturgeon guards for the weekend.

CO DePew handled two fawn complaints where the well-meaning but misinformed subjects took the “abandoned” fawns’ home. Both were immediately returned to the wild to the place from which they were taken.

CO DePew responded to a car-elk accident where the elk went through the vehicle’s windshield and minor injuries to the occupants occurred.

CO Jon Sklba contacted two fishermen on Grand Lake who were in possession of a 13-inch walleye. They said they didn’t know if they could keep it but were going to check later to see if it was legal and if it was not they were going to let it go. Enforcement action was taken.


While on patrol in Leelanau County, CO Patrick McManus and CO Rebecca Hopkins responded to a multiple car vehicle accident with injuries. The COs were first on scene, triaged the three patients and provided necessary medical care until fire and EMS arrived. McManus and Hopkins also used their patrol truck to shut down the road completely so they could not only safely provide the necessary care, but also preserve the accident scene for further investigation to incoming sheriff units.

While on patrol on Sand Lakes Road in Grand Traverse County, CO Rich Stowe and CO Sean Kehoe encountered an ORV traveling on the snowmobile trail. After explaining to the driver that several complaints had been made of ORV traffic on the snowmobile trail, enforcement action was taken.

A dedicated ORV patrol in Lake County was conducted resulting in 82 tickets being issued for illegal operation in prohibited areas. Several subjects were also arrested for suspended operation and outstanding warrants.

COs Kyle Publiski and Steve Converse were working an ORV patrol in Lake County when they found a Chevy Silverado stuck in a wetland. The roadway and wetland were torn up and the truck had come to rest in the middle of the wetland. The COs towed vehicle and issued a wetland violation citation as well as a trespass citation for operating on a utility right-of-way.

CO Brian Brosky was checking the Whiskey Creek area in Mason County when he saw four ORVs operating on a closed roadway. Brosky ran the operators in LEIN and found one was suspended and one had an outstanding warrant. Enforcement action was taken and the subject with the warrant was lodged in the Mason County Jail.

COs Sam Koscinski and Steve Converse were checking vessels on the Big Manistee River when they encountered two male subjects and two female subjects fishing without licenses. As they neared the vessel, they also discovered that occupants were smoking marijuana. Enforcement action taken.


While patrolling, COs Mark Papineau and Josh Wright were dispatched to a car/deer accident in which a pregnant doe was struck and killed. Once on scene, the COs were able to save one of the two fawns and transfer custody to a wildlife rehabilitator. Unfortunately, the doe and another fawn were killed in the accident. The driver of the vehicle suffered no injuries and a report was taken for the traffic crash.

While assisting in an investigation regarding an illegal turkey case, CO Mark Papineau learned of a deer that was possibly taken without a license during the 2015 deer season. After further inquiries,Papineau was able to locate a photograph taken after dark in mid-October of the suspect posing with a 7-point buck. An inquiry into hunting license purchases revealed that the subject had purchased a deer license during daylight hours the day after the photograph was reportedly taken. After an additional inquiry was made, a second photograph was located of a 10-point buck, also taken after dark during November. A second license inquiry revealed that the suspect’s wife had also purchased a deer license after hunting hours had ended on the same day. Interviews were conducted and both suspects confessed to shooting the deer without licenses. Warrants are being sought.

CO Steve Lockwood was contacted by a subject prior to the opening day of bass season. The subject inquired about the dates for the upcoming bass season. Lockwood advised the subject of the dates for bass season. The subject then explained to Lockwood that there were several subjects fishing near the CC Bridge in Roscommon County who had five bass in a tote. Lockwood responded to the area and made contact with the subjects. The smallmouth bass were located within a gray tote. The bass were seized and enforcement action taken.

COs Chris Bowen, Chuck Mcpherson, and Ben Mcateer gave a presentation to the Houghton Lake Schools. Over 1100 students were educated on marine safety laws.

COs Bobbi Lively, Warren Macneill, Casey Pullum, and Brian Olsen responded to a lost mushroom hunter in the Maltby Hills of Ogemaw County. After an hour-long search, the man was found. He had walked six miles from the woods into the town of Lupton.


While on patrol in Isabella County, CO Dan Robinson responded to a rollover injury accident as he was the closet law enforcement unit to the scene of the accident. Robinson assisted EMS personnel and gathered information from bystanders until other units arrived.

While on patrol COs Mike Haas and Dan Robinson heard over the radio that a suicidal subject had fled and had taken off towards the woods. The COs were in the area and located the subject walking along the road not far from where the original complaint occurred. The COs notified the deputies of their location and waited with the subject until they arrived. The case was turned over to the Sheriff’s Department.

CO Josh Russell received a complaint of a subject posting pictures of fawns in their house on Facebook. Russell tracked down the subject but could not make contact. The next morning CO Will Brickel joined Russell and they attempted to make contact with the subject again. After hours of chasing down leads, the COs tracked down the fawns and the suspect. The subject had taken four fawns out of the wild and had given them to close family friends. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Josh Russell and Ken Lowell were on ORV patrol in the Langston State Game Area when they noticed a side-by-side driving down a two-track. The COs stopped the side-by-side and found numerous violations. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Will Brickel was on marine patrol with CO Joel Lundberg on Wixom Lake and witnessed multiple violations, including operating an unregistered watercraft, failing to provide life jackets and fishing without a license. Enforcement action was taken.


While on patrol in Ionia County, CO Jeremy Beavers checked anglers fishing at Lyons Dam. During his checks, Beavers made contact with a subject who had a bucket full of fish. While checking the fish, he found a largemouth bass among the bluegills. Beavers informed the subject that the season for largemouth bass was currently closed and that the fish was undersized. The subject was cited for keeping largemouth bass during the closed season.

CO David Rodgers responded to a complaint of a local taxidermist who was in possession of a sand hill crane that was reported to have been taken  illegally. Rodgers conducted an inspection of the taxidermy and saw the sand hill crane mount on his wall. After talking about waterfowl hunting, the subject told Rodgers how he shot the crane in Texas on a guided hunt. Upon a more lengthy conversation he admitted to shooting the crane in Barry County last fall. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Tyler Cole observed a subject stop on a county road and pick up a snapping turtle and place it in a bag. The subject then drove to his house, holding the bag outside of the truck window. Cole made contact with the subject and after a number of excuses about the situation, the subject admitted to taking the turtle. The subject was cited for possession of a snapping turtle during the closed season.

CO Andy Bauer and CO Steve Mooney conducted a marine patrol on Lake Michigan and located a boat in 400 feet of water. The boat occupants were fishing with too many lines and two fishermen were cited for the violations.

CO Andy Bauer was called to assist Warren Dunes State Park Rangers with a subject who had accidentally started a fire in the dune grass in the park. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the subject had carelessly started the fire with a cigarette. The subject was cited for the fire violation and was also arrested by park personnel for possession of marijuana.

CO Matt Page and Sgt. Zach Doss were on marine patrol and checked a boat occupied by two adults and three children. During the contact, it was discovered that the boat operator had failed to provide two of the children with PFDs and he was cited for the violation.

COs from Barry, Kalamazoo, and Calhoun counties assisted local agencies with the search for a drowning victim on Gull Lake. The victim was ultimately recovered.

CO Bob Crisp worked a joint patrol with Barry County Marine Deputies on Gun Lake in Barry County. Numerous contacts were made and one PFD citation was issued.


CO Pete Purdy received a complaint of a subject on Craigslist offering to buy bull frogs for $20 each. The subject’s address was found from previous social media postings. Purdy made contact with the subject who advised nobody had responded to his ad. However, he confessed to taking five bull frogs and one eastern box turtle from the wild for his koi pond. Enforcement action was taken and the frogs and turtle were released in a local lake.

CO Andrew Monnich and Sgt. Bigger were launching a patrol boat and noticed three kayaks being pulled into the public launch by a lady who was swimming. The individuals stated the wind was too strong and they were being blown off shore and couldn’t paddle back and that’s why the lady was dragging them back. No life jackets were present in any of the kayaks. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Andrew Monnich received a call of an individual trying to run over a family of swans with a jet ski. Monnich responded to the area and located over a dozen angry witnesses who all enjoy watching the swans. Once Monnich had a suspect, he went to question the owner of the home where the jet skis were docked. Neither the homeowner nor the handful of people who were at the residence were willing to give any information about what had taken place. While gathering information, Monnich noticed an individual matching the suspect trying to dock at the residence on a jet ski. Once the individual noticed Monnich flagging him down, he took off and never returned. A day later, Monnich and CO Brandon Hartleben were on marine patrol and came across the same individual. After questioning the individual the COs were able to obtain a confession. Charges are being sought through the prosecutor’s office.

CO Jason King received a complaint from Station 20 about a subject possibly catching squirrels with a live trap in Shiawassee County. King made contact with the subject at his property and discovered a live trap in his front yard. King explained the rules and regulations regarded trapping wildlife and enforcement action was taken.


While on marine patrol on Lake Oakland, COs Jason Becker and Jacob Griffin noticed a pontoon accelerate rapidly away from shore amongst several people swimming in the water nearby. Becker attempted to signal to the operator to slow down and the operator ignored him. Becker stopped the boat in the middle of the lake and asked the operator where they were heading in such a hurry. The operator stated that she was late to meet a friend. Becker explained the safety concerns with operating the boat at more than no wake speed within 100 feet from shore and with swimmers in the water nearby. Enforcement action taken.

CO Mark Ennett was conducting a marine patrol in Bolles Harbor. An angler was observed at the Hoffman Access Site using four fishing poles into the channel. As Ennett was making initial contact from the boat, the angler was reeling in two of his lines and placing them on the ground near a bench. It only took a minute for Ennett to tie the patrol boat off on the pier and speak with the angler on shore. He said “he was just leaving anyhow,” and was not aware of the law pertaining to how many lines he could use. Ennett explained the law, and issued a citation for using too many lines.

While conducting an ORV patrol, CO James Zellinger contacted two separate ORVs operating on the roadway. It was determined that each ORV was in the act of farming. One of the ORVs was instructed to purchase a slow moving vehicle sign before operating on the roadway again.

COs James Zellinger, Dan Walzak, and Raymond Gardner were dispatched by Monroe County dispatch to an alleged rattlesnake a home owner had trapped under a bucket in his driveway. Upon arrival at the residence, it was determined that the “rattlesnake” was actually an Eastern hognose snake. The snake was relocated to a location away from neighborhoods.

CO Raymond Gardner met with CO Danny Walzak at Delray Park in regards to a poaching complaint for a boat coming into the boat launch area and selling fish to people on land. Gardner and Walzak were unable to locate a boat matching the description given.

COs Raymond Gardner and Danny Walzak performed an after-hours patrol of the Pointe Mouillee State Game Area. During their patrol the COs found numerous people in the parking lots and dikes throughout the game area. Enforcement action was taken.

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