Electronics aren’t just for kids

All the electronics in the world are not going to make you a better fisherman unless you know how to use them and how to properly employ them when you are out on the water.  Without knowing what you are looking at you are just playing a very high tech video game instead of fishing.

I have found in my time on the water that any electronics in my boat have dramatically increased my catch ratio while out fishing. To those outside of the fishing world some may think that they are just overpriced toys that take the fun out of fishing, but as fishermen/women we know better.

Taking time both on and off the water to learn the details of your electronics is a must to putting them to use and using them to their potential.  I am sure there are many features on my graphs that I am not using, but it is important to understand what you are looking at as well as how to navigate the screens.

Recent trips out on Lake Michigan for Salmon have proved my point by coming to the docks with a full cooler of salmon.  I used my graph to zero in on pods of fish that were suspended in the water column.  We were able to use the Side Imaging function to locate fish that were out to the sides of the boat so that we could run our baits right over them and increase our catch ratio.

The GPS function also allowed me to mark where we found and caught fish and then retrace our path to put us back on the pods of fish so that we could make pass after pass over an area to keep catching fish.  

Without these waypoints I would have been guessing where we had found the fish.

 Recent outings have proved the effectiveness of my electronics and have allowed me to gain confidence in my presentations.  Take the time to learn your electronics and how to put them to good use and you will become more productive on the water.

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