Wisconsin DNR’s new Go Wild licensing system operating as of March 17

The DNR “Go Wild” license system is up and operating as of Thursday, March 17.

Hunters, anglers, and trappers may now purchase their new 2016 licenses and leftover turkey tags will be available on Monday, March 21, as scheduled – beginning with Zone 1 tags on that day – but the tags will not be available by phone.

Instead of the slick green license paper as before, customers will receive a printed license receipt on plain white paper, plus tags for spring turkey if they successfully applied for a tag. They will also receive their buck carcass tag, and goose tags if applying for them.

They will NOT receive, when they buy their new license, antlerless deer tags, because county deer advisory committees are still meeting to recommend 2016 antlerless quotas.

And if buying the new $3.50 conservation card, the cards will be printed with the customer’s name on them and mailed separately.

In addition, state park visitors who also want a state park sticker will receive a coupon now. They will then have to pick up their new state park sticker at a state park.

Leftover turkey permits go on sale Monday, March 21 and hunters will NOT be able to buy them by phone.

With the new “Go Wild” license system phone sales are discontinued, due to expense and lack of volume.  But hunters may buy them online, at a DNR service center, or a DNR license vendor.

If you plan to buy a leftover turkey tag the week of March 21, check with your license vendor in advance to be sure the vendor is up and operating.  Some vendors may still be making last minute changes.

Mark Rappe, DNR information systems supervisor, said DNR has been “load testing” the system the past two weeks.  License vendors had access on March 16, and the system went “green" on St. Patrick’s day.

“It worked well through the day March 15, requiring some minor configuration changes at the end,” Rappe said.

On a special test run March 16 where I bought my 2016 conservation patron license, the agent asked questions and I answered questions and license preferences on the customer screen.

The only flaws that appeared when I bought my license were that: it would not accept my donation to the Cherish Fund; it indicated my driver’s license was not eligible to be used to prove purchase of license approvals; and the Exterior Zone Canada goose permit with calendar dates did not fit on one page.

Rappe confirmed that each flaw was corrected later that day.  Knowing that new licensing systems could minor glitches, went with a lengthy testing of the system. And because of the expected larger volume of sales on March 21 as a result of the over-the-counter turkey tag sales, the DNR had a “soft opening” on March 17 to give the system a live, but limited, exercise.

Outdoorsmen and women will be able to use their printed receipt, or a conservation card, or their driver’s license (if validated on the system) for proof of purchase of licenses.  They will want to carry a small plastic bag with a pen in their pocket to validate tags after harvesting game such as deer, turkey or geese.

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