Deer management a big winner in primaries

Ohio’s March 15 primary was a bigger winning night for deer management and archery hunting than it was for John Kasich and Hillary Clinton.

In five Cuyahoga County highly urbanized communities which orbit Cleveland, ballot issues appeared that would permit the respective cities to establish controlled archery deer hunting.

Ballot language for each was very nearly identical. This wording stated that each respective community’s police chief and municipal leaders would draft rules that would “… permit the limited hunting of white-tailed deer by crossbow or long bow by licensed individuals conducted from elevated platforms, under terms and conditions established by the State of Ohio…” as well as other requirements established locally.

With 100 percent of Cuyahoga County’s unofficial total number of votes having been counted, the range of voter support for passing the ballot language allowing archery deer hunting ran from a low of 56.3 percent to as much as 68.3 percent.

A breakdown of this support for the five Cuyahoga County communities – and again based on unofficial total results provided by the Board of Elections – is: Broadview Heights – 63.4 percent; North Royalton – 68.3 percent; Parma – 60.8 percent; Parma Heights – 56.3 percent; Seven Hills – 65.6 percent.

All of these communities have seen a huge increase in their respective deer herds, with the resulting issues of deer-motor vehicle accidents and damage to property, including destroyed landscaping.

While opposition from persons who either don’t want to see any deer killed or those individuals who believe that archery hunting is not an effective means of controlling white-tails, clearly voters in each of the five communities believe otherwise and expressed that opinion March 15th at where it counted most: The ballot box.

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