Reduce deer numbers to help moose?

Through Sunday, March 13, the DNR is accepting public input on a plan to realign some deer zones in the moose range of northeastern Minnesota.

If the DNR decides to move forward with the plan, it could be in effect as early as this fall.

The DNR, of course, has been studying moose (along with other agencies and tribes) for years, and it’s no secret that deer carry brainworm, a parasite that is fatal to moose but doesn’t harm deer.

“In response to the moose population decline, Minnesota’s moose management plan requires us to manage for lower deer densities in the moose range,” said Adam Murkowski, DNR big-game program leader. “Fewer deer in the moose range minimizes the risk of parasites or disease spread by deer that harm or kill moose.”

Click here to see the DNR’s proposed deer zone boundary changes. You also can provide comment on the proposal at the same page.

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