Wisconsin Deer Management Assistance Program enrollment deadline for high level programs for 2016 is March 1

The DNR has a couple of programs coming up that many people may not know about – and there is a deadline involved.  One is enrollment in the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) and the other is a new licensing system called the Go Wild Program. 

There is no deadline for DMAP Level 1 of the program, but March 1 is the deadline for Levels 2 and 3.

Bob Nack is the DNR’s big game section chief who oversees the DMAP program. Nack said that the program, now in its third year, has about 750 landowners involved, totaling around 188,000 acres.

“Level 1 have no minimum acre requirement and is free,” he said.  “We help the landowner develop a management program based on their needs.  There are also workshops people can attend to learn even more.”

Level 2 has a 160-acre minimum and a $75 fee while Level 3 has a 640-acre minimum and a $150 fee.

“Level 2 will include all the benefits of Level 1 plus we’ll have someone come out to the property and give an assessment,” he said.  “Level 3 offers several site assessments and even more involvement from staff.”

The biologists and foresters not only look at the land the person owns, but also the land around it because that can be as important as the owner’s land itself.  Based on what the property owner wants, the DNR will offer suggestions on how to accomplish it.  Advice might include how many deer should be harvested off the property each year, what type of habitat should be developed, as well as the pluses and minuses of creating food plots.

“We will provide half-price antlerless tags if we think the property is carrying too heavy of a population,” Nack said.  “We really look at everything from how the browse is holding up to what type of water supply is around. “

Although the system sounds like it’s a whitetail-based program, Nack said that really anyone can take advantage of it, from grouse hunters to waterfowlers.

March 1 will also make the start of the DNR’s new licensing system which is said to be more user-friendly, more “green,” and an improvement of the current system.  The system is being implemented because the contract has expired with the current license vendor.

Mark Rappe, of the DNR’s bureau of customer services, said that the program was developed from surveys and dozens of focus groups in an effort to pick out what people wanted, and didn’t’ want, in the system.

“We also looked at just about every state in the nation to see what they were doing,” he said.  “One of the major improvements will be that the site will be much more mobile friendly because a lot of people will sign up for licenses and other things via their smart phone or other mobile device.”

It will be a greener system, too.  Anyone who has purchased a conservation patron license will know that the printer at the service station seems to keep going … and going … and going.

“In fact, we have a new patrons' license card that can serve many purposes,” Rappe said.  “Another helpful thing is that the new terminals will have two-way screens so the consumer and the agent can see how information is being entered.”

That means consumers can catch possible errors that could occur and also simply give them a more interactive process.

“The Go Wild initiative will also provide more information than ever before for people wanting to get outside and enjoy all the outdoor activities Wisconsin has to offer,” he said.  “The website will have a seasonal approach on the front page so it alerts people of upcoming activities, seasons and more.”

Despite the new equipment and all the research that went into the program, Rappe said that there will be no impact on the DNR Fish and Wildlife Fund.  The old system would have had costs, too, so financial impact should be at a minimum.

For more information on either item above, go to dnr.wi.gov and key word Go Wild or DMAP.



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