Wisconsin’s Rep. Kleefisch off base with proposal to allow mentored hunting with no age limit

On the surface, we have a representative from the Wisconsin Legislature, Rep. Joel Kleefisch, R-Oconomowoc, stumping for no minimum hunting age. 

It doesn’t seem to matter if the child is not able to speak, read or write or even walk, let alone be old enough to begin understanding the ecosystem in which wild game live. Or what about being old enough to know a turkey from a man in thick cover, let alone knowing that it is illegal to shoot wild turkeys with a rifle.

This is all in the name of believing this would give more people the opportunity to join the hunting community.  The idea is likely to backfire.

There is nothing wrong with involving these toddlers in hunting without giving them the decisions of killing or not killing.

There is something wrong with a system in which someone – like Kleefisch – can be so irresponsible that no one else talked them out of these ridiculous wants, said a fellow representative.

But then many bills that are proposed regarding hunting, fishing, wildlife management, and ecological manipulation are not about what they aim to be.

They may be about guns or about giving parents yet another game tag.  It is impossible to understand what some of these political minds are attempting to defend and define.

Many of the proposed changes in outdoors recreation are about more money from selling more clothing (pink), or more money from selling more licenses (crossbow license).

In some cases (no pun intended), it can be about getting back at the DNR for issuing a citation for an uncased, loaded gun in a vehicle or an untagged or unregistered deer or turkey.

One of the ways some of these seriously silly suggestions could be stopped is to listen to those who are hired to keep us safer while recreating. But then, that avenue has been shut down, too, because game wardens, for example, are forbidden to speak to the public, testify in front of the legislative committees, or to the legislators about the ideas that they have proposed. 

This is a system much more strong-armed than a system of laws.  This is about the threat of being fired for not following a dictum.



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