Wisconsin Cuffs & Collars February 5th, 2016

District 1 — Ashland area

Warden Lynna Gurnoe, of Bayfield, took a complaint in December about an individual who had killed a deer on the night of the opening day of the gun deer season. It was found the individual hit the deer with his vehicle on his way home and failed to call a law enforcement officer to register the deer. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Lance Burns, of Gordon, investigated an illegal-hunting complaint outside of Gordon in December. A large 9-point buck had been shot with a muzzleloader from a house at night at a lighted bait pile. The investigation revealed that two other untagged bucks and another buck that was improperly tagged with a bow tag also had been shot. Warden Dave Swanson assisted with the investigation. Enforcement action was taken.

District 2 — Cumberland area

No report available.

District 3 — Park Falls area

Warden Tim Otto, of Antigo, completed an investigation in December regarding a convicted felon who allegedly hunted deer without a license during the 9-day firearms season. A felony warrant has been issued for the subject’s arrest. Charges are pending for hunting without a license and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Wardens Kirk Konichek, of Ladysmith, Kevin Christorf, of Chippewa Falls, and John Schreiber, of Cornell, investigated a report of a deer shot at night in December with a rifle. Konichek was able to follow blood to the location where the deer was unloaded from a vehicle and hidden. Konichek then followed more blood to a cabin driveway. Christorf contacted the cabin owner at his home in Eau Claire. The investigation resulted in enforcement action for shooting the deer.

Warden Bryan Harrenstein, of Medford, received information about a young male eagle that was found by deer hunters during the gun season. The eagle was obviously injured. The hunters contacted the Raptor Education Group near Antigo. The hunters were able to get the eagle to REG for care. It was found that the eagle had been shot with birdshot and that the shooting appeared to be intentional and at relatively close range. The eagle is currently at REG and is recovering well. This incident is under investigation, and any person with information is encouraged to contact the Wisconsin DNR.

Warden Dan Michels, of Park Falls, responded to a hotline complaint during the muzzleloader season. Michels investigated one of the properties in question and discovered a man hunting deer after hours. He was sitting in a dark cabin with the window open, looking out over a bait pile. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Michels assisted warden Joe Paul, of Phillips, with a baiting complaint reported in December in the Price County Forest west of Phillips. Michels and Paul discovered two large bait piles, each containing about 140 pounds of shelled corn. Michels returned a few days later and contacted two bowhunters sitting over the baits. Citations were issued for hunting over too much bait, illegal ATV use off of marked trails, damage to trees, and warnings for not wearing backtags.

District 4 — Woodruff area

Warden Brad Dahlquist, of Crandon, investigated several reports about snowmobiles breaking through the ice on area lakes. All of the operators in these cases were able to safely return to shore unharmed, and the snowmobiles eventually were removed from the water. Following these investigations, enforcement action was taken for operating a snowmobile without valid registration and for operating without a safety certificate.

Warden Pat Novesky, of Three Lakes, investigated a baiting complaint in December and took enforcement action on a subject who placed approximately 75 gallons of bait in an effort to attract deer to his property.

Wardens Kelly Crotty, of Florence, and Tim Price, of Eagle River, participated in a “Shop with a Cop” event sponsored by the Florence County Sheriff’s Department and the surrounding area business community. Law enforcement officers from numerous communities in the area participated in the event.

Warden Rich Thole, of Boulder Junction, contacted five snowmobilers operating on a snowmobile trail west of Boulder Junction prior to the trails being opened. None of the snowmobilers had resident trail passes. Thole educated the subjects about the new law and explained to them the trails were not officially open yet.

District 5 — Lower St. Croix area

Warden Isaac Kruse, of Baldwin, investigated a complaint about gunshots heard at night in the Deer Park area. Kruse heard additional gunshots and observed two vehicles leaving the scene. Kruse conducted a traffic stop of one of the vehicles and found the operator in possession of a rifle. The driver was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Additional enforcement actions are pending.

Wardens Brad Peterson, of River Falls, and Kyle Kosin, of Elmwood, assisted the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department in a December search for a subject who walked away from his vehicle and had been missing for several hours. The wardens located the individual and returned him to his companion and a warm vehicle.

Warden J.J. Redemann, of Durand, worked with the Pepin County Land Conservation Department on a manure spill that ended up in a tributary to Bear Creek. The applicator was found to be at fault, and enforcement action was taken.

Warden Redemann was on routine patrol when he saw a person holding onto a garden hose leading from his septic tank. Redemann learned the resident was using an electric pump to empty his septic tank into a ditch behind his house. A citation was issued.

Wardens Redemann, Paul Sickman, Wayne Flak, Shaun Deeney, and Isaac Kruse assisted with a Wounded Warriors hunt in December in St. Croix County. Eight veterans who had been wounded in action took to the woods, but heavy rains made for a tough hunt.

Wardens Redemann and Sickman assisted Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department officers with an illegal elk-hunting investigation involving Wisconsin suspects from Pepin County.

Wardens Kosin, of Ellsworth, and Flak, of Menomonie, received a complaint about an individual who shot a pheasant from the road in Pierce County. The vehicle’s plate was tracked back to a business in Menomonie. Flak contacted an employee of the business who was found to have shot the pheasant illegally from the roadway and without landowner permission.

Warden Cleven, of Colfax, met with a Dunn County Sheriff’s Department deputy who had stopped a truck around 8 p.m. for expired registration during the December four-day antlerless deer hunt. The deputy had observed occupants of the vehicle shining deer before he had made the traffic stop. The driver of the truck did not have a driver’s license or a deer-hunting license. The deputy arrested the felon for possession of a firearm. Several citations were issued, including shining deer while possessing a firearm.

District 6 — Eau Claire area

Warden Adam Hanna, of Neillsville, observed a doe hanging at a camp and displaying a Farmland Zone tag during the muzzleloader season. The property was not in the Farmland Zone, and it was determined the hunter didn’t have a valid tag for the area. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Peter Carlson, of Greenwood, contacted an ATV that was being driven within the city limits while plowing driveways. It was found that the passenger was 6 years old and was not wearing required headgear. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Christorf and Carlson investigated an illegal-deer complaint in December. Enforcement action was taken for shooting a deer, trespassing, and transporting an untagged deer.

Warden Carlson contacted a group of coyote hunters and determined that one individual had shot at a coyote while standing on a road. Enforcement action was taken for the violation.

Warden John Schreiber, of Cornell, and Kevin Christorf, of Chippewa Falls, contacted a coyote hunter who was sitting in a truck. When the hunter saw the wardens, he quickly tried to unload his shotgun, which was loaded with buckshot inside the truck. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Schreiber investigated a hunter who was baiting with more than two gallons of bait and who had failed to register a buck shot during the gun deer season. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Christorf contacted an angler who was in possession of two illegal-size walleyes. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Christorf contacted an angler who was ice fishing in December while in possession of an illegal-size bass. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Scott Thiede, of Eau Claire, provided interviews to television stations, newspapers, and a radio station to discuss ice safety and winter water survival. Wardens often are called upon by media outlets to promote the safe and responsible use of natural resources.

Warden Thiede spoke to students in a forensic science biology class at Chippewa Valley Alternative High School in Chippewa Falls. The presentation focused on how science and attention to detail are used during natural resources and environmental investigations.

District 7 — Wisconsin Rapids area

Wardens Ben Herzfeldt and Randy Dunkel, of Wausau, cited a duck hunter on Lake Wausau for hunting waterfowl during the closed season.

Warden Paul Leezer, of Wausau, assisted DNR solid waste staff with a hazardous waste inspection at a local business. The business had been involved in previous illegal-burning activities.

Warden Leezer gave rules and regulations talks at snowmobile and ATV safety classes held in Spencer, Marathon, and Edgar in December.

Warden Bryan Lockman, of Stevens Point, worked with several wardens to investigate a bowhunter who had been shooting extra bucks each fall and placing others’ tags on them. Ten bucks were seized, along with some venison. Enforcement action is pending.

Warden Barry Fetting, of Marshfield, was contacted by a teacher from Pittsville High School who wished to set up a “ride-along” opportunity for two of his students who were interested in pursuing careers in conservation law enforcement or related fields. Fetting spent a morning with the students while on patrol in the Pittsville area.

Wardens Fetting and Leezer participated in the annual “Shop with a Cop” program in Clark County. The wardens, along with other area law enforcement officers, spent a morning shopping with children from Clark County who were provided a gift card to buy items from Shopko in Abbotsford, Neillsville, and Stanley. Afterward, a meal was provided for the children and their families at the Loyal Sportsmen’s Club.

Warden Fetting received a complaint after the gun deer season from an individual who observed the carcasses of two deer, boxes, latex gloves, paper, and butchering scraps lying in the ditch near a creek. Information was obtained that led Fetting to the responsible party. The individual was issued a citation and directed to remove the trash from the ditch. During the deer season, three 20-yard dumpsters were placed throughout northern Wood County where hunters could deposit their carcasses free of charge. The dumpsters were donated by Advanced Disposal in Marshfield in cooperation with the Marshfield Area Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited.

District 8 — La Crosse area

Warden Dale Hochhausen, of Onalaska, supervisor Tyler Strelow, and deputy warden Meghan Wall followed up in December on an ATV accident and deer-hunting investigation from the deer season. There had been an UTV accident involving injuries and two individuals. Several violations were discovered, including underage operation of a UTV, unregistered UTV, no helmet, no safety belt, failing to submit a UTV operator report within 10 days, failure to validate a deer carcass tag, transporting deer without the person who tagged the deer being present, and unregistered deer. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Bob Jumbeck, of Alma, responded to an illegal deer-baiting complaint where a crossbow hunter had placed approximately 5 gallons of shelled corn in front of his blind. The hunter was warned for not having the crossbow license upgrade and was cited for placing the illegal bait.

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