Illinois Cuffs & Collars – February 5th, 2016

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

During the first firearms deer season, CPO Jones cited a Tinley Park man and a La Grange man for possession of another’s deer permit. A 5-point buck was seized and donated to Sportsmen Against Hunger. The Tinley Park man was also issued a written warning for failure to immediately tag deer.

During the second firearms deer season, CPO Posateri checked a deer hunter who was headed to his stand. When asked to see his deer permits, the hunter handed the CPO a deer permit which had already been separated and there was blood on the permit. The hunter said he had shot a doe during the first season, but the harvest records did not show any deer checked in for 2015. An investigation revealed the hunter did not shoot a deer the first season but had tagged his relative’s deer since the hunter had left her permit at home. Both parties were issued citations for the violations.

CPO Posateri was patrolling Henry County by ATV in an area of trespassing complaints. The CPO was approached by an angry hunter who did not recognize the CPO. The hunter began yelling at CPO Posateri but once she identified herself as a Conservation Police Officer, the hunter apologized. A compliance check was made with the hunter and he was found to be in violation of no hunting license, no habitat stamp, no blaze orange cap, and unplugged shotgun.

CPO Jones received a TIPs complaint about a man hunting without blaze orange on during gun season at Witkowsky Wildlife Area. CPO Jones met with the complainants and found the subject. The subject was out squirrel hunting during the closed season and wasn’t wearing any orange. The Rockford man was cited for entry into a restricted area and hunting squirrels during a closed season. His five squirrels were seized as evidence and he was issued written warnings for no blaze orange and no windshield card.

A 34-year-old man from Dixon was bragging on Facebook about a whitetail deer he had killed. CPO Beltran had seen the violation and investigated which resulted in his arrest.  The man paid a $2,000 fine and will be assessed points against his hunting license.

CPO Scott Wright received information that a subject shot a deer in Putnam County with a compound bow and did not check it in. CPO Wright investigated the Granville man. The investigation confirmed that the subject shot a white-tailed doe and did not tag it or check it in. It was determined the violator’s brother of Oglesby tagged the deer with his permit and checked it in. The Granville man was cited for failure to tag white-tailed deer immediately upon kill, unlawful attempt to take over the limit of white tailed deer, failure to report kill of white tailed deer same day, unlawful use of another’s permit.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO VanWiltenburg finished a falsification investigation involving three subjects hunting in southern Illinois. It started out as a joint investigation with the Wisconsin DNR, with a subject that failed to report deer in both states. Two of the subjects were Wisconsin residents. The subjects were interviewed in Wisconsin, with one subject killing a buck without a non-resident Illinois deer permit. The subject had bragged about it on Facebook, but denied killing it when presented with the photo which was posted (with him and the buck). He confessed to using his friend’s Illinois resident “either sex” deer permit two days after the initial interview. The initial subject was cited for failure to report deer harvest on same day of harvest. Two subjects were charged with falsification, failure to report deer harvest on same day of taking, and hunting deer without a valid permit. Numerous written warnings were also issued.

CPO Semenik set up a pheasant hunting detail at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park. In less than three hours, three hunters were cited for unlawfully hunting on the highway.

CPO Schreiber issued a written warning to a subject in McHenry County during the second firearms deer season for failure to check his deer in at the required check station. The subject utilized the phone call-in system and obtained a confirmation number and thought he was good

Sgt. Riedel investigated a tip of a subject who had checked in a deer during the firearm season with an archery permit. During the investigation, it was also discovered that the hunter did not check in his deer on the same calendar day, because they had a few beers after the hunt and time slipped by. He also implicated his friend who gave a similar confession. The first hunter was charged with taking deer by use of a firearm without a firearm permit and failure to check in his deer. The second hunter was charged with failure to report his harvest.

CPOs Hurt and Semenik were conducting routine night patrol in western McHenry County. A vehicle was located on the shoulder of the road with no lights displayed. CPO Semenik approached the driver’s side of the vehicle and noticed the male driver had his pants down and genitals exposed. Additionally, CPO Hurt detected the odor of burnt cannabis emanating from the passenger side of the vehicle. Cannabis and a hitter pipe were found during a search of the vehicle. The male driver was arrested for public indecency and possession of cannabis. The female passenger was also arrested for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.

CPO Reid, Mieure and Farber conducted a night time hunting detail in eastern Kankakee County. Two men were observed using a spotlight from a vehicle. Each was cited for unlawfully using a spotlight from a motor vehicle. Two hours later another vehicle was observed using a spotlight as well. The subject was cited for unlawfully using a spotlight from a motor vehicle and for having an uncased firearm.

A Mount Prospect man bought an “either sex” deer tag for firearms season to hunt Shelby County. The first day out he shot a doe and didn’t want to waste the “either sex” tag he had. So, instead of tagging the doe legally, he went to the local Ace Hardware and bought an “antlerless only” tag to use so that he could keep hunting the next day with his “either sex” tag. CPO Gilmer explained what he had done wrong and why it was not fair to the deer and other hunters to do what he did. The man understood and was issued a citation for failure to immediately tag a freshly killed deer upon harvest.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Moody cited an Assumption man in rural Herrick for harvesting more than two antlered deer in one season. After an interview, it was found that the man had shot two nice bucks with a bow and arrow and then harvested a large 10-point buck during firearm season. The man received a citation and multiple warnings. The 10-point rack from the firearm season was seized as well.

CPO Viverito and CPOT Ausmus were made aware of a coyote tournament taking place in Champaign County. The two CPOs decided to set up a detail on the Champaign/Vermillion County line. The CPOs noticed a slow moving pickup truck and began to follow the vehicle. The truck would stop and illuminate fields with a red spotlight. A traffic stop was conducted and a loaded rifle and several red spotlights were discovered. Both men were from Champaign County and received citations.

While on patrol in Iroquois County near Stockland, CPO Cottrell located two upland game hunters hunting without permission on the Kankakee Beaverville Southern Rail Line. In addition to both subjects being cited for hunting without permission, an additional warning was issued for no habitat stamp.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Wheatley responded to a hunting accident during firearms deer season. Twelve hunters were involved in a deer drive. Three hunters were shooting at a deer when a hunter was shot in the abdomen. The hunter yelled he had been shot. One of the hunters drove a truck out in the field to meet him. They reported the accident by cellphone as they drove towards the hospital. They met an ambulance in Ursa. The ambulance transported the hunter to Blessing Hospital in Quincy. The subject is expected to make a full recovery. The following day, Capt. Maul, Sgt. Wagner, CPOs Meyers, Blazinic, and Wheatley went to the scene to collect evidence and reconstruct the accident.

CPO Drone investigated a hunting accident.  A hunter was firearms deer hunting and shot at a deer. When the hunter fired a second shot, he saw a flash. The hunter had some powder burns around his face and his finger was injured. He went to Illini Hospital in Pittsfield where he was treated and released. The hunter believes after the first shell was fired, part of the shell split and remained in the barrel causing an obstruction.

CPO Lentz arrested a Carlyle hunter for duck hunting without a valid hunting license.

CPO Tapley arrested man for falsification of deer harvest records after the man was found to have shot a 6-point buck, and reported the harvest as a doe.

CPO Tapley stopped a vehicle for shining. A loaded rifle was in the bed of the truck and an uncased pistol was found in the back seat. A citation and warnings were issued.

CPO Tapley checked a firearm deer hunter on an ATV. The hunter had a loaded and uncased firearm in his hand. He was issued a citation.

CPO Tapley got a complaint about non-resident hunters hunting without valid permits. While checking hunters on the property in question, one hunter was found not wearing blaze orange, to be in possession of a .22 rifle and a crossbow, and did not have a habitat stamp. One citation and three warnings were issued.

CPO Tapley saw two deer hanging at a deer camp. When he saw the name on the tags he remembered seeing the hunter’s vehicle opening morning and remembered the hunter only had one permit. After checking the hunter’s records, it was found he had bought a permit opening day around 9 a.m. After interviewing the hunter, he admitted he had shot a doe and a buck at the same time, and then later bought a permit for the doe. He was issued a citation.

CPO Ray arrested a St. Clair County subject for harvesting a 3-point buck without a valid permit, hunting license, habitat stamp and failure to attach harvest tag immediately upon kill. The subject was archery practicing on private property in Marion County when a buck walked too close to the practice area. The subject stated it was the best shot he had ever made. The 3-point rack was seized from the subject’s residence.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Williams discovered an out-of-state deer hunter hunting during the second firearm season with a shotgun. The hunter was in possession of a muzzleloader-only permit. He was issued a citation for possession of a firearm not authorized for muzzleloader deer hunting. The outfitter providing services to the hunter has a previous citation pending for an outfitting violation.

CPO Lay cited two waterfowl hunters on Rend Lake for unlawfully hunting within the 200 yards allowed between hunting parties. The hunters were contacted on the lake and a range finder found them to be within 110 yards of the complainant’s boat.

CPO Johnson received information on Mississippi hunters. The hunters were reported to be hunting over a baited area. During the second firearms deer season, CPOs Johnson and Diggins located the baited area and observed a hunter in a tower blind. They walked the area and discovered three large feeders with corn inside. Fresh deer blood was also located near the feeders. The hunter admitted to knowing about the bait and gave information to locate the subject who killed two deer from the location. The investigation also led to the discovery of another subject who failed to report a deer harvest from the first firearm deer season. Five citations were issued, including two for hunting over a baited area, unlawful take, transporting uncased firearms, and failure to report harvest. Multiple written warnings were issued for permits not in possession, no hunting license, no habitat stamp and chronic wasting violations.

CPO Holland observed subjects dressed in blaze orange deer hunting in a field pasture. The subjects returned to a truck which then drove through the pasture and parked. CPO Holland approached the subjects and immediately noticed a salt block and two dead deer in a nearby wooded area. CPO Holland inquired as to who shot the deer. Initially, the subjects lied and stated each hunter killed a deer; however after a short interview one subject recanted his story and gave a written statement admitting having shot both deer. CPO Holland issued one subject a citation for illegal take of deer – no valid permit and he issued both subjects one citation for illegal deer hunting in baited area. The deer was seized and taken to a local meat market for processing and donation to the Sportsmen for Hunger program.

CPO Smith observed a Missouri-plated truck sitting inside a forested area. CPO Smith could not find any record of the registered owner on POS (Point of Sale). CPO Smith walked further into the woods and observed a patch of blaze orange clothing. CPO Smith approached the hunter who was hiding behind a tree. CPO Smith asked the person what he was doing. Before he replied CPO Smith observed a Ruger carbine rifle against a tree. CPO Smith took the rifle into his possession and asked the individual for his deer permit and hunting license/habitat stamp. The person did not have any licenses or permits and was cited for no hunting license, hunting deer with a rifle, and no deer firearms permit.

CPO Smith was given information from Sgt. Hyatt stating an area had bait in it. Sgt. Hyatt dropped CPO Smith off and CPO Smith walked into the area and found a hunter hunting out of a ground blind. CPO Smith observed a white substance on the ground close to the blind. CPO Smith asked the hunter to exit and asked what the white substance was on the ground. The hunter said it was deer cane. CPO Smith issued one citation for hunting over bait and one citation for feeding deer.

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