Trapping success realized in Pennsylvania

Last month, I reported on the previous woes of my trapping journey. Now several weeks later, I thought it fitting to give an update on my progress as a greenhorn fur-taker.

Trapping solely on my 3.5-acre farmette in the middle of suburban Lebanon County, I am happy to report I’ve finally found success in giving my trapper’s basket some use. I haven’t set any records, but the modest take is a good start compared to the lifetime three skunks I had previously tallied. 

I’ve added another striped stinker to my belt, lured into a live trap by a leftover chicken drumstick from the dinner table one evening. I also finally caught a possum – ironically in one of my mink boxes baited with a pheasant wing I had saved in my freezer for dog training. 

But the coolest take thus far was a big 16-pound. boar coon, which measured 30-inches without the tail. One of his canine teeth was ground down all the way to the gum line, and while I’ve read raccoons only average about a three-year lifespan, I can’t help but wonder how long this big guy has been around. He was a real beauty, and I’m having his pelt professionally tanned.

A few weeks later, I caught a second coon in the same set location. Since it was a smaller one and I was short on time, however, I granted it a free pass and let it loose again. I’m sure he’ll be back again another day.

The red fox and big male mink I captured on trail camera last winter have eluded me this season. With mink and muskrat trapping now closed, the wily old bugger will have to wait until next year, but I still have a few weeks left to try for my first fox. 

One observation I noticed was that most catches occurred after overnight weather events. For example, a hard evening rain clearing in the overnight hours to gusty winds seemed to have put critters on the move. It makes me wonder what the incoming snow might bring. 

I still have much to learn, but I’m really enjoying the process. Here’s to the rest of the journey.

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