Hunters must be vigilant beyond their actual hunting and pay attention to the anti's agenda

The HSUS is no stranger to controversy when it comes to collecting money from generous Americans, and how it spends that wealth.

Groups like PETA, its anti-hunting political lobby, provide lavish salaries and pension plans for its privileged employees, as well as offshore tax-sheltering Caribbean hedge funds, have been the beneficiaries of millions and millions of dollars rather than the animal shelters and welfare of pets they propose to support.

According to the group’s IRS 990 Form from 2014, which is a nonprofit federal tax return, HSUS took in $100 million donated from the pockets of American citizens. Its records show that it sent $55.4 million to the hedge funds in 2014, adding to over $50 million it sent to those funds in 2012 and 2013.

It spent more money on its pension plan – $4 million-than it spent on all pet-sheltering grants across America. Not a single cent was sent to 11 different states in the form of pet-sheltering grants in 2014, yet drawing on donations and hedge fund money, it spent $46 million on fundraising-related expenses.

An example of its true nature, in May of 2014 the organization paid a $5.7 million fine to settle a racketeering, fraud and bribery lawsuit, part of which resulted from it paying a witness to lie under oath in federal court during an anti-circus legislation hearing.

In October of 2014, the group was sued by the Hong Kong-based World Dog Alliance because the Alliance paid HSUS $500,000 to promote a documentary exposing the brutal dog-meat trade, yet HSUS never did any of the proposed work after taking the money.

Some state governments have now called on their attorney general's to begin investigations into the collections and spending processes of HSUS.

As hard as it is to believe, of all the money HSUS takes in, only about 1 percent is actually spent on pet-sheltering grants to protect the animals the group claims to support.

Many of us have seen the commercials, where depressing music plays in the background, while clips of mistreated animals run on the TV screens, sometimes narrated by movie and television celebrities who ask for public donations to protect and help these abused animals.

I will never deny it is sad to see the results of atrocious acts a small segment of the human population inflict on pets and food stock, and I wholly agree it is important to try and stop these people from committing these acts. I will, however, always attempt to reveal the horrific frauds perpetrated upon charitable and compassionate people like those deceptions committed by HSUS.

With a true agenda of doing away with hunters and hunting rather than helping pets, none of us in the outdoor world can allow a group such as this to flourish without exposing and fighting against its its misplaced ideals.

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