Wisconsin’s deer hunting 'assessment season' now open

With Wisconsin’s nine-day gun deer season in the books, it is now season framework and hunting regulation discussion time. 

What would hunters like to see changed, undone or implemented?

Most hunters, and many others who tinker with large and small cogs in this billion business called Wisconsin deer hunting, put most of their energy and back room dealings in full play very close to the season opener.

Wrong time. 

That takes away too much of the good feelings surrounding the actual hunt.

Complaints abound when hunters gather before camps open, after a deer is registered, or whenever frustrations set in while hunting.

Again, wrong time.

Those banters simply take away from the pleasures and concentrations of the act of hunting itself.

Recall, discussions, even bills by legislatures, a few weeks before Nov. 21?  There were serious talks of what color clothing hunters should be allowed to wear and whether or not hunters should still wear backtags of their hunting coats. 

Neither of those should receive serious discussions, then or now.

Even the sorry situation with eliminating the holiday hunt was not openly unveiled until some hunters had made plans to relocate for Christmas morning deer drives.

The best and earliest source of news of that event came from a Minnesota newspaper!

Now, when our minds are fresh with what worked and what didn’t work, but after the guns are cased (oops, that’s no longer necessary) is the time to bring things out in the open.

The real target now should be hunting season adjustments. 

Remember, too, that the shooters in this discussion have changed.  The voices of reason are no longer other hunters and biologists and conservation groups.

Many who are taking aim at hunting, fishing and trapping changes are politicians who are listening while a disgruntled hunter chews on their ears; one who can get close enough to chew. 

If you’re going to play this game, however, make sure you know their rules.

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