TV host Reaser arrows impressive Ohio buck

Cambridge, Ohio — It could be said that Shannon Reaser has a lucky treestand in Guernsey County.

The Elyria, Ohio native and principle of the Outdoor Option television show that follows her family’s outdoor pursuits, Reaser recently killed a dandy buck out of that Guernsey County treestand.

It’s been a lucky stand for her since she killed her first buck out of it at the age of 7. Reaser is now 18 and she has killed a buck every year now going on 11 years.

“We had been watching this buck since youth day of last season,” she said of the buck she killed on Oct. 11. “… We thought he might have been killed on youth day because we heard some gunshots.”

As it turned out, the buck was alive and well for this year’s bowhunt. Reaser and her dad, Dan, and brother, Danny, had the trail camera pictures to prove it.

“So, we had been watching this buck ever since opening day of this year,” Shannon said. “But, the wind just wasn’t right for the first two weeks of the season. So, instead of just going in and pushing him out, spooking him, we just decided to wait.”

Patience paid off on Oct. 11.

“The first day that the wind was just right for the stand that he was coming to we went down there and that was the night I shot my buck,” Shannon said. “That first night, we got lucky and he showed up.”

It was the thrill of a lifetime, she said.

“It was the most excited I’ve ever been on a hunt,” Shannon aid.

And, that’s saying something. Shannon, her dad, and brother travel all over the country hunting game for their popular TV show. She recently returned from an elk and mule deer hunt in Colorado with Dan and Danny. Shannon killed her first mule deer on that hunt, she said.

“I grew up in Ohio and I’ve been hunting down in Guernsey County since I was 7,” Shannon said. “That stand is where I got my first deer. I’ve been pretty lucky.”

Shannon’s Guernsey County buck is a 16-pointer with a green score of 180. She arrowed the deer with a pink crossbow made especially for her.

The Outdoor Option airs on Tuesday nights on Fox SportsTime Ohio. For a full schedule of shows, visit

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