Wisconsin archer shoots mule deer buck in Polk County

Wisconsin bowhunter Randy Haines, of Amery, reached a rare milestone recently – he shot a mule deer buck.

Now, at first glance that might not seem so unique. Wisconsin bowhunters travel to the Dakotas and western states every fall to hunt mule deer. The difference in this case?

Haines was hunting near Amery. He shot what appears to be a yearling mule deer buck in in Wisconsin in Polk County.

Reports on Facebook, social media, and other web site pages say that Haines may have shot the first-ever Wisconsin mule deer. While Haines’ accomplishment is indeed unique, it’s not a “first off.”

At least two other mule deer have been shot in Wisconsin and there is a report of another muley buck being hit by a vehicle on the interstate in the 1970s.

Wisconsin Outdoor News columnist Jim Evrard, of Grantsburg, was working as a Wisconsin Conservation Department (forerunner to the Department of Natural Resources) wildlife biologist at a deer registration station in Spooner in 1969 when a hunter brought in a mule deer buck.


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