Poll shows support for bobcat hunting and trapping in Illinois

Registered voters in southern Illinois support bobcat hunting and trapping in the state, a poll conducted by Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Paul Simon Public Policy Institute reveals.

According to SIUC, about 54 percent of voters surveyed stated they either strongly favored or somewhat favored this new law. Less than one-third wee either somewhat opposed or strongly opposed the new law.

The strongest support for the new law comes from independents with 62.9 percent favoring it, 18.6 percent opposing, and 18.5 percent saying they don’t know.

Among Republicans, 61.7 percent favor the new law, 27.1 percent oppose and 11.3 percent say they don’t know.  The lowest level of support comes from Democrats, with 43.3 percent favoring the law, 41.5 percent opposing it, and 15.2 percent responding they did not know or otherwise.

There is majority support in southern Illinois where hunting is a vibrant part of recreation and culture more so than some other parts of the state,” said Delio Calzolari, associate director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute. “Some opposition may be related to the 40-year ban or sensitivity that bobcats were once a threated species in Illinois. Even among voters who identify themselves as Democrats or liberals, voters support the new law in greater number than they oppose it.”

Read more about the survey and the new bobcat season in the Nov. 13 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.


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