Outdoor News Features Venison Cooking Tips by Hank Shaw

September 16, 2015  Outdoor News Features Venison Cooking Tips by Hank Shaw
Photos by Holly Heyser

For hunters who value the connection between their white-tailed deer harvest and preparing a quality venison dinner, Outdoor News Inc. has partnered with award-winning chef Hank Shaw to bring readers a feature on the proper cooking techniques for venison. Check out Shaw’s contribution for “Demystifying the Venison Roast” in September issues of Outdoor News. Readers will find helpful tips on roasting and braising venison in the layout that publishes in the September issues of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York Outdoor News.

“Regular readers of the Outdoor News cooking feature called the Taste of the Wild, have valued the segments that we’ve published in the past featuring Hank Shaw’s practical advice on preparing the food they hunt and gather. Some of those Outdoor News layouts have focused on Hanks’ tips for crafting ‘confit’ from duck fat and recipes for making various types of sausage,” said Evy Gebhardt, marketing director for Outdoor News. “With hunters eagerly anticipating the upcoming deer seasons, we wanted to provide some tips that would help everyday cooks think beyond the concept of simply pouring a can of condensed soup on their venison roast and hoping it doesn’t become chalky and dry. Drawing from his experience as a fellow hunter and chef, Hank offers techniques that will elevate your venison dinner to a restaurant-quality dish through easy-to-follow steps.”

Hank Shaw has become a household name among American hunters and locavores. His cookbook “Duck, Duck, Goose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Ducks and Geese” is a title that is valuable for preparation of both wild and domestic waterfowl. Shaw’s first cookbook, “Hunt Gather Cook” is equally popular, and has built a following of food lovers who are eagerly awaiting his next project, a cookbook dedicated to all forms of venison that will be debuted via a Kickstarter effort on Oct. 5th.  For more information on this, and additional recipes and tips, visit Shaw’s James Beard award-winning food blog: “Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook” at www.honest-food.net

For more recipes to prepare game, fish and wild edibles, visit https://www.outdoornews.com/Cooking/

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