Hodgdon recalls six lots of IMR 4007SSC powder

Hodgdon is recalling six lot numbers of IMR Legendary Powders’ IMR 4007SSC.

“IMR has received reports that this particular powder in 1-pound and 8-pound containers may have become unstable due to possible rapid deterioration,” said Chris Hodgdon, of Hodgdon.

In a press statement, IMR said that use of powder from the six lot numbers may result in “spontaneous combustion, fire damage or possible serious injury.”

The lot numbers are: 10130139, 10131139, 10429139, 10430139, 80425139, and 80426139. The lot numbers are printed in black on the side of the container label that is printed mostly in red lettering.

Anyone with powder from those lot numbers should stop using the product  and fill the powder container with water to render the product inert and safe for disposal.

Then mail, email or fax a copy of the powder label showing the lot number to: IMR Powder Company, 6430 Vista Drive, Shawnee, KS 66218, email help@imrpowder.com, or call (800) 622-4366 or fax (913) 362-1307.

The recalled powders will be replaced with any other IMR smokeless powder and shipped at no charge.

IMR recommends that anyone who has loaded the recalled powder into a cartridge pull the bullets and wet the powder with water for safe disposal.


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