Older Pennsylvania hunter wonders if too much griping hurts credibility

Readers of Pennsylvania Outdoor News know that we receive and print a lot of letters, most from disgruntled readers who complain about Game Commission policy and deer hunting in our state.

Increasingly, we have been getting letters complaining about all the complaining.  A recent missive from Ron Milau of Lake Ariel, Pa. – labeled “Too Many Battles … Too Many Fronts” – addressed how excessive griping is affecting the credibility of the hunting community in the Keystone State. I think he may be onto something.

“As hunters, we seem to always be at odds with either the Game Commission or the politicians who want to make changes in our sport. We all have opinions and are quick to say that they are not listening and will not listen to us,” he wrote.

“As I read my favorite part of the Pennsylvania Outdoor News – the letters – I ask myself do we ever stop to think why they are not listening? We seem as a group to be complaining about everything.”

 Milau, who is 75, ticked off the protests: From too many does to not enough does, from too many doe tags to not enough doe tags, and from I want to kill more deer to we only should kill one deer each year.  

“We argue about catering to the kids and ignoring the old guys, hunting on Sunday, using ATVs, crossbows and semi-autos and now split deer seasons or go back to the good old days of two weeks of bucks-only hunting followed by three days of antlerless,” he said.

And those are only a sampling of many topics hunters stress over, noted Milau, who has hunted a great deal all over the United States and Canada since he was 14.

“For us to continue along these divided fronts leads me to believe the politicians and Game Commission officials don’t take us seriously, because in their opinion, we don’t know what we want. So why should they listen to us?”

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