Well worth the wait for Pennsylvania trout season opener

Spring has finally sprung, and for many that means trout fishing. It is the magical time of year when thousands of Pennsylvania anglers passionately flock to creeks, rivers and lakes to share in the collective anticipation of the highly celebrated opening day of trout season.

Some hope to catch a quick limit of five fish, fill their stringers and head home for a meal of delicious fillets, perhaps served herb-coated with lemon and butter. A few seek out trophy 20-inch "lunkers" or golden rainbows with intentions of mounting them to adorn their game-room walls.

Still others go for the tradition, to spend time with loved ones or to take in the soul-healing rhythms of a trickling, cold-water trout stream. To this subgroup, it isn't about the size or number of fish caught and released, but simply the experience of fishing itself.

Regardless, there are always a wide variety of anglers out there using different techniques to achieve their own distinct goals. This assorted "melting pot" of fish-seekers (young or old, male or female, blue collar or white collar) is what makes opening day so special.

No matter what the motivation might be, each person is drawn to the water for good reason. Everyone experiences that same jovial feeling of excitement when the clock strikes 8 a.m. and his or her first cast of the year hits the water.

In wetting that fresh line, anglers experience a unique feeling of bliss, but also the eager uncertainty of not knowing what awaits beneath the glistening surface – what bountiful rewards or taxing challenges a body of water might provide. Perhaps the unknown is what makes it special.

Here in southeastern Pennsylvania, we're already fishing. The opening day crowds are subsiding, and the fish are still biting. It won't be long before the rest of the state joins us, and I wish everyone the best of luck in their fishing endeavors. Just remember to share the waters we love so much. We're all in this together.


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