Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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If you get a chance, hunt with a female companion

Three times over the course of my waterfowl hunting this season, I’ve been fortunate and privileged to have a young lady join our hunting party.

The episodes have taken place with two different girls. The first is a college freshman who has just undertaken her initial year of hunting, without prompting from anyone.

The second is a middle school student, who has made the choice to hunt beside her father whenever he has the time to take her.

I have found both eager to learn, both confessing to knowing little about the hunting life they are now beginning. I find their candor truly refreshing.

The reverse is often  true when hunting with young boys, and older men as well. Perhaps the pressure from being born a male into a world that assumes they should be knowledgeable about anything involving the outdoor life prevents them from admitting ignorance – which is, of course, no sin.

I have also realized that a young woman, properly trained in the use of a hunting instrument, can easily shoot just as well – and perhaps better – than any male counterpart. Perhaps I am a male chauvinist and should have already been well aware of this – but I wasn’t. Forgive me, I’m an old guy.

Just this past archery season the college student, when tree-bound, arrowed a doe, and then a nice buck on two different occasions. They were her first shots ever taken at deer. When hunting with me she took her first mallard with a shotgun.

The middle school girl had shot her first buck with a bow last season, and just this past week, laying beside me two blinds away, she shot her first Canada goose. For that to happen, she stayed through some frigid weather, never complaining, till her chance came.

If truth be told, the joy and excitement these young ladies declare with their success is infectious. Their energy, too, sparks the elder members of our hunting party, of which I am one.

They do not simply just wait and shoot either. They help set spreads, and clean up afterward, which in itself is a good teaching tool. I’m certain they feel more at ease being part of “the gang.”

If you have the chance to sit with a female hunter, young or old, by all means do so. It is a very solid idea to add as many females to the hunting fraternity as possible, because their numbers count just the same.

Plus, as in my case, they can often renew a spirit that sometimes wanes.

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