By bow or gun: Think small game for big hunting fun

Earlier this fall I met a young man while dove hunting on a parcel of public ground north of the Twin Cities. Since that first day sitting on a hillside pass shooting doves, Austin and I have hunted ducks, woodcock and deer together. All of those excursions were fun, but he has his heart set on squirrels and rabbits now.

As do I.

There is something about shedding the metaphorical weight of deer season and the bucks that come with it to stomp on brushpiles for bunnies or sneak slowly through the hardwoods with a .17 in the hopes of catching a glimpse of a squirrel digging for acorns. That "something" is fun, which is occasionally lost among the pressure of big game hunting. There isn’t a whole lot of have-to-succeed in the squirrel woods, which is just fine with me.

Austin and I have a couple of spots scouted out for squirrels, as well as a few more for rabbits. The bunnies will probably get a pass from us until the snow builds up some more, but the squirrels will be in trouble as soon as the bow season closes and we enter the new year. If this warm spell we’re currently experiencing sticks around for the next couple of weeks, the squirrel activity should be unreal.

If it is, we’ll be there. If not, we’ll still be there, working just a bit harder to see if we can get a few for the crock pot. Either way, I can’t wait.

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