Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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An issue more urgent than scouting deer

Is it time to reconsider hunting, fishing and trapping rule changes and management policies? Sportsmen didn’t ask for a number of recent rule changes, such as allowing uncased firearms in a vehicle and no longer requiring the tagging of deer and turkeys.

Jerry DavisVoting is the most important activity outdoors men and women can do to implement changes in hunting, trapping and fishing management and regulations.

That wasn’t always the case.  Now politicians have much more to say about outdoors recreation.

Sadly we did not take full advantage of this opportunity in early November.  Statewide, less than 55 percent of all eligible voters voted.  In the town (rural) where I live, 78 percent of registered voters voted.

The future of hunting, trapping and fishing, as we know it, rests with the newly elected group of politicians and a few carryovers who were not up for election.

In the past the politicians left many of the major, and almost all the minor, decisions to the biologists, sociologists and other planners.  Now most important issues have been taken away from most of the people and most of the scientists.  There is no reason to believe this will change with the new and a few old faces.

At this point, this is not a gun issue, but more of an ecological issues.

Now we will have to wedge ourselves into every crevasse we see to get our wishes for future outdoors recreation met.

We need to make sure we will have places to recreate, not just places to have game farms and fish farms.  We need more than just money to stock walleyes and pheasants, but money to improve habitats, money to fund law enforcement, and money to educate safe outdoors recreationalists.

We need to make sure we and others who recreate are safe from other users and ourselves.  After all, that’s what many regulations were put in place to do, or at least used to be.

It used to be required that we unload and case our firearms when we traveled.  Even our guns would agree with this.  Now it’s far too easy to take a shot from a vehicle, even a moving vehicle.  But the politicians changed this, without any public input from the law enforcement staff.  It seems they were “asked” not to voice an opinion.

For the next two years outdoors recreation depends on getting our wishes into the offices of politicians.

We should not leave this lobbying task to just any “sporting” group, either.

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