Stray bullet on Delaware Lake changes range policy

Delaware, Ohio — People who use the Delaware Wildlife Area Shooting Range off State Route 229 will be required to shoot the 100-yard range length. 

Placing targets at distances shorter than 100 yards will not be permitted until further notice after a complaint concerning a bullet  that landed near a fishing boat in Delaware Lake, according to the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

During the weekend of Sept. 27-28, fishermen reported a bullet landing in water nea their boat on Delaware Lake, according to Eric Postell, DOW outdoor education specialist. 

"At this point we are unsure if this round came from the range or from someone hunting on the wildlife area,"  Postell wrote in an e-mail. "In response to this issue, we are limiting short shooting at this range. This will address the potential for rounds skipping off the ground into or over the backstop if that is what occurred.":

Postell acknowledged that the range restriction will be an inconvenience to some shooters, "but we also want to keep our ranges safe for everyone."

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