Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Bring on Deer Season

Keri ButtMy phone bleeped at six this morning with a text message from my kid brother. The text read, “The two week forecast is touching Oct. 1. Giddy up.”


Yep, it’s difficult to think that there was a time in my life when the Autumn Equinox was simply another day on the calendar. Now however, the Autumn Equinox holds great meaning and induces feelings of excitement, anxiousness, and even a peculiar sense of dreaminess. This day signals that deer season is just around the corner and that the next three and a half months are poised to be awesome!


According to my favorite whitetail behaviorist, Charlie Alsheimer, it’s looking to be a great year as he has predicted a “classic rut,” which could be described as when each particular phase of the rut is easily observed. In a classic rut, there’s a true and obvious peak, or frenzy, when the majority of does, especially mature ones, come into estrus around the same time; driving bucks into the vast world of “Looneyville,” as they compete and battle for dominance. For bucks, there is one goal, and one goal only here- to obtain breeding rights. This, my friends, is the kind of rut we live for.


Per Charlie’s prediction this year, the most opportune time to be in the deer woods in pursuit of a trophy buck falls during the week of Nov. 8-15, and his advice is to “hunt hard.” Hopefully, those annoying circumstances we have no control over, otherwise known as rut suppressors, don’t decide to rear their extremely ugly heads. Instead, let’s will them to leave us alone in peace and quiet.


And… the uncontrolled and amazing chaos we hunters know only happens once a year in the deer woods!


Check out the current issue of Illinois Outdoor News to see Charlie’s full 2014 rut prediction.

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