Thanks in order for retired and retiring Wisconsin DNR conservation wardens

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources field wardens often retire without much fanfare.  Many turn in their equipment, vehicles and move on to the next stages in their lives without some of the community people being aware of their departure.

What usually means the most to these law enforcement guys and gals is not a huge community picnic but a simple handshake and verbal thanks for what they have been doing during their careers to protect the resources in their work  areas.

This is one of the times when people should make a phone call, send an email, or stop by an office or home and say thanks. Generally that will mean the most to these

This is also a good time to ask the warden how we could help the new warden become familiar with the community, property owners, and frequently used public recreationalJerry Davis areas.

Wardens generally say that community support is imperative to them being able to successfully do their jobs.  Give them that support, not only at the ends of their careers, but when new wardens are taking their places, and throughout the years when most of them live in a community.

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