Wisconsin fall turkey hunting outlook leaning towards positive

Jerry DavisWisconsin’s turkey hunters are still smiling following a good spring hunting season, so they may not notice that the upcoming fall season, as well as some future seasons, could be just as good.

It is never good to be complacent when it comes to scouting or forecasting for fall seasons.

Locally, outdoors men and women are seeing numerous rafts of young turkeys, even more than they saw in past years when recruitment was good.  Poults of various ages, some birds as large as ruffed grouse, others still unable to fly, are being discovered by berry pickers, ginseng forecasters, and early mushroom gatherers.

Hikers who see a hen turkey that hangs around are probably observing a hen with a brood of poults.  These young turkeys may not be seen in thick vegetation, but the hen’s calls will indicate what’s going on.  Is she calling to chicks, or is she giving alarm putts and moving on?

Brood numbers, so far, bode well for the Sept. 13 opening of the fall season and the April 16 spring opening period.

Remember the application deadlines and prepare for some good hunting and late season fall hunting

It helps to be a generalist woodsman or woman searching for what’s there rather than just looking for turkeys or just berries, or just fawns.

Notice it all, mast production, forming ginseng fruits, bucks in velvet, and squirrels already feasting on immature hickory nuts.

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