Kenney, well-respected former DOC director, remembered

Ralph LoosDavid Kenney, a Carbondale native who had served as director of the Illinois Department of Conservation from 1977-85, is being remembered by
those who worked with him in the agency and those in the outdoors world who benefitted from his work. Little by little over the next 20 years, I learned more about this remarkable man.

Kenney, an author and a teacher,  helped draft the State of Illinois’ current constitution in the early 1970s. At DOC – the agency that later became DNR – Kenney was known as a thoughtful leader.

“I worked for Dr. David Kenney the entire time he was at DOC,” said Mike Conlin, retired DNR fisheries chief. “He was a fine man, true gentleman and one of the very best Directors I ever worked for.”

During his tenure as Director, the Jake Wolf Fish Hatchery was completed, as were other key facilities. His legacy also includes serving as director of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

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