Southwest Ohio FIshing Report – July 4th, 2014

Paint Creek Lake (1,190 acres; Highland County) – Crappie: can be caught using curly tails, small spinner baits, or live minnows. White or chartreuse are good color choices for artificial lures. Cast into areas with submerged trees and brush. Keep the bait under a slip bobber and about five to six feet deep. You may also be successful with minnows under a bobber. Bluegills and sunfish: can be taken using red worms or waxworms. Fish the bait under a slip bobber and keep the bait about three to four feet deep. Look for good fishing in areas with woody debris, such as fallen trees or overhanging brush. Channel catfish: Try using chicken livers, crayfish, stink bait, or nightcrawlers. Fish in the area beneath the dam. Keep bait five to six feet deep. Fish the bait along the rocky bottom areas. Largemouth bass: Try jigs with plastic bodies, spinner baits, small top-water lures, or plastic worms. Choose an artificial lure colored black or pumpkinseed. Cast into areas with woody debris. Fish the bait slowly along the bottom.

East Fork Lake (1,971 acres; Clermont County) – Crappie: are being taken by using live minnows. Cast into areas with submerged trees and brush. Keep the bait under a slip bobber and between 12 and 15 feet deep. Good fishing opportunities abound in the area around the island, saddle dam, and near the beaches. Largemouth bass: Try using plastic chartreuse, black, or green colored worms on a Texas rig, or plastic lizards. Cast into areas with submerged trees or brush. Keep the bait about four to five feet deep. Channel catfish: are being caught using chicken livers, cut bait, or soft crayfish. Keep the bait under a bobber and off the bottom. Hybrid striped bass: are being caught in shallow water one to three feet deep by fishing with chicken liver or nightcrawlers. Keep the bait just off the bottom.

C. J. Brown Reservoir (Clark County) – Walleye: Early morning boat anglers fishing jigs tipped with a nightcrawler over the mid-lake humps and in the north end of the lake are catching some nice walleyes. Recent reports indicate that anglers trolling deep diving crankbaits are beginning to catch some larger fish. Remember there is a 15-inch minimum size limit and daily bag of six walleyes. Bluegills: are being caught around the rocky shorelines of the dam and the marina. Also, try fishing the wooden piling structures near the boat ramp and campground. Use waxworms or red worms fished under a bobber. Crappie: a few are still being caught on minnows and waxworms around the marina.

Acton Lake (Preble County) – Channel catfish: are being caught by anglers using shrimp, cut bait, and chicken livers fished on the bottom under a bobber or by tight-lining baits on the bottom. Successful catfish areas include the more shallow waters near the boat ramp or along the dam. Night fishing produces the best results. Bluegills: are being taken on red worms and waxworms fished around woody cover found in six- to 15-foot depths. No-wake rule now implemented on Acton Lake. Larger horsepower boats can now put in on lake as long as they create no wake

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