Building a better angler via the confidence factor

When I talk about the confidence factor in fishing, we’re tackling a topic much deeper that just having an overall positive attitude. Confidence in our lures, for example, requires time and effort as we sort through our tackle boxes and throw out stuff that rarely touches water. If you’re out fishing, and you’re worried about using the right lure, then  it’s time to change. Spring provides an obvious time to sort through open water equipment.

Without confidence in the lure you’re using, you won’t catch fish. That’s a big, big factor in success. I’d argue it’s more important to an angler than the fish! It affects our retrieve and may be the difference in catching fish or not catching them.

Frankly, confidence in our abilities and equipment affects everything we do in fishing (and maybe in life).  Confidence goes way beyond what lures we have. Do you understand your boat, line, rod holders? What about that drift sock?

There’s no such thing as a lucky fisherman. If you start to question yourself, you might as well get off the lake. If you’re an hour into a trip and not catching fish, you must have a tangible response and adjust.

A good way to boost confidence is to pre-plan your trip. Tie on the right lures, and bring the right gear. Did you get out there at the right time? Did you pick out right locations before unloading the boat?

Confidence also can relate to the size of the fish. Believe me, your faith in fishing spikes when you locate big specimens.

If things like solunar tables and moon phases boost your confidence, use them! But if you’re automatically going to blame a cold front for lousy fishing, then go play golf.

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