Southwest Ohio FIshing Report – June 20th, 2014

Adams Lake (Adams County) – Bluegills and crappie: can be caught on nightcrawlers and waxworms. Anglers should have good success fishing from the shore line. This is a great place for fishing with youth. Pay careful attention to the trees and weeds along the bank. Fish are hitting around 18 inches deep.

Cowan Lake (Clinton County) – Saugeye: action is heating up, with anglers taking better numbers of 13- to 20-inch fish. Try casting a jig tipped with a piece of nightcrawler, and hop it along the bottom in five to 12 feet of water near the beach. If you prefer trolling, saugeyes can be taken on shad patterned medium or deep diving crankbaits. A lot of seven- to eight-inch crappies are being caught on small tube jigs or minnows fished near submerged trees six to 15 feet deep. Bluegills: can be caught on red worms or waxworms near boat docks or the edges of lily pads.

Lake Loramie (Shelby County) – Channel catfish: are biting on chicken livers, shrimp, and stink baits fished on the bottom. Bluegills: have been caught recently around boat docks, riprap shorelines, and along the edges of lily pads. Try using small jigs tipped with waxworms fished just one to two feet under a small bobber.

Great Miami River (Montgomery County) – Channel catfish: The river has been producing some great catches from Dayton to Franklin. Anglers are using chicken livers and nightcrawlers fished on the bottom. Carp: have been caught using various dough-ball baits. Best catches of carp and channel catfish have been below the low head dams at Monument Avenue, Tay's Station, West Carrollton, and Miamisburg.

Caesar Creek Lake (Warren County) – Muskie: Try casting large bucktail spinners, jerkbaits, or crankbaits around standing or fallen timber in coves or along main lake shorelines. If you catch a muskie, please report it to the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club Muskie Angler Log found at Crappie: are still being caught by anglers fishing deep water with minnows under a bobber and small hair or tube jigs in white or chartreuse. Bluegill: are spawning in the coves. Try using waxworms or redworms fished under a bobber. Use spinner baits and crankbaits around shoreline cover for bass early in the morning. Saugeye: a few are still being caught using jigs tipped with minnow or nightcrawlers fished over deep water structure and drop-offs.

Grand Lake St. Marys (Mercer County) – Largemouth bass: Try using medium or deep-diving lures, artificial or live nightcrawlers around structure. Anglers are also having success on spinnerbaits or tube baits. Crappies: are being taken in deeper water. Minnows and a bobber work best. Also try tube jigs.

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