Ohio's final turkey tally down nearly 2,000

Columbus — Ohio hunters checked 16,556 wild turkeys during the combined 2014 wild turkey hunting season and youth wild turkey hunting season, April 19-May 18.

The comparable harvest from 2013 was 18,391.

The top 10 counties for the wild turkey harvest in 2014 were Ashtabula (615), Tuscarawas (493), Coshocton (484), Guernsey (466), Muskingum (453), Belmont (444), Monroe (424), Trumbull (417), Knox (415), and Meigs (397).

Hunters checked 8,074 birds during the first full week of the 2014 wild turkey season. Young hunters checked 1,480 birds during the 2014 youth season.

Ohio’s 2014 spring wild turkey season was open April 21 through May 18. Youth season was April 19-20. Find more information about wild turkey hunting at wildohio.gov.

Wild turkeys were extirpated in Ohio by 1904 and were reintroduced in the 1950s by the Ohio DNR Division of Wildlife. Ohio’s first modern day wild turkey season opened in 1966 in nine counties, and hunters checked 12 birds. The wild turkey harvest topped 1,000 for the first time in 1984. Spring turkey hunting opened statewide in 2000, and Ohio hunters checked more than 20,000 wild turkeys for the first time that year.

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