North Central Pennsylvania Fishing Report – May 23rd, 2014

Big Fishing Creek (Clinton County) — Above average flow in the 50s and good color were reported May 10. A few sulphurs were spotted along with midges, Tan Caddis and Craneflies. TCO Fly Shop recommended nymphing with olive/green caddis, Frenchie Pheasant Tails, and Stoneflies, or fishing dry flies in late mornings as conditions allowed.

Kettle Creek (Clinton County) — Numbers of trout were reported on minnows, nymphs, dry flies and spinners at the “Headgate Project.”

Bald Eagle Creek, Black Moshannon Creek, Penns Creek (Centre County) — Trout were reported on minnows, waxworms, streamers and nymphs through early May. Penns had slightly below-average flow as of May 10. Nymphing was productive on Penns in the early morning, and dry fly activity was reported in the late mornings and early afternoons. TCO Fly Shop reported a few Grannoms (14) and March Browns (10-12) as of May 10, but Tan Caddis (14-16) were on.

Black Moshannon Lake (Centre County) — This boggy lake was yielding chain pickerel and panfish in early May.

Spring Creek (Centre County) — Sulphurs (14-16) had started, Tan Caddis (14-16) were “on,” and a few Blue-Winged Olives (18-20) were still hatching as of May 10. TCO Fly Shop reported decent late-morning dry fly action, while nymping with Tan Caddis larvae/pupa and Sulphur nymphs was otherwise a good bet.

Cold Stream Dam, Cold Stream Creek, Six Mile Run (Centre County) — Pastebaits, minnows, spinners and streamers were taking trout in recent weeks.

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake (Centre County) — Shore anglers were catching bluegills, perch and crappies at various access areas around the lake through early May.

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