Illinois Cuffs & Collars – May 16th, 2014

Region I

A CPO in Winnebago County investigated a complaint regarding ducks and geese being darted by blow darts at Springlake Estates subdivision in Rockford. An investigation is ongoing.
A District 6 CPO was checking anglers in Winnebago County. He noticed a young man who appeared to be 6-8 years old. The boy was trying to cast but was unable to due to a tangle in the fishing line (birds nest) that had formed on the end of his fishing pole. The CPO approached the boy and asked if he could help. The boy informed the CPO that he had a big one on his line and it got off, causing the tangle in the fishing line. While the CPO was fixing the boy’s reel, they sat at a picnic table and talked about fishing. The CPO and the boy shared various fishing stories. When the line was fixed the boy thanked the CPO. The CPO finished his shift thinking about how he loved re-living his past fishing memories with the boy.
A CPO in Winnebago County completed a boat safety inspection at Rock Cut State Park boat launch, which revealed the operator using a paddleboard without a paddle pass.
A CPO in Winnebago County stopped an automobile in Rock Cut State Park which had three children passengers riding in the bed of the truck without seatbelts, ages 8, 10, and 13. The violation was handled with one citation covering all three passengers instead of writing three citations.
While on patrol, a CPO noted a boat was operating on the Hennepin Canal with a 25- hp motor at a high rate of speed. The Hennepin Canal has a 10-hp limit. The boat was stopped, and one subject did not have a fishing license. The boat had several safety violations. Enforcement action was taken.
A District 1 CPO concluded a deer permit investigation that resulted in a citation being issued to a Morrison man for improper tagging of a Carroll County deer.
A District 1 CPO issued multiple citations in violations of the Fish and Aquatic Life Code during his patrols on foot and by boat on Lake Carlton and pool 13 of the Mississippi River. Compliance checks on watercraft were also conducted on boaters taking advantage of the warm weather.
A District 1 CPO cited a Mount Carroll man for having a squirrel as a pet. The CPO received a complaint that the pet squirrel had injured a resident in the area.
A CPO assisted several local fire departments with an out-of-control grass fire near the Big River State Forest. Due to extremely dry conditions, the possibility of a forest fire at the state site is very real this spring. The local departments were able to stop the fire from advancing into the forest.
A 13-year-old girl climbed a ledge at the entrance of French Canyon.  When her mother saw that she had climbed up, she ordered her down.  As she was climbing down she slipped and slid down the ledge approximately 25 feet, injuring her arm and shoulder. She was transported to Illinois Valley Community Hospital in Peru by the Utica Rescue Service.
A District 1 CPO investigated a trapping complaint in Ogle County. The complaint was received after a person’s dog returned home with a trap on its leg after being missing for a week. The owner of the trap was discovered and was issued a citation for trapping out of season.
A District 1 CPO completed a deer permit investigation in Stephenson County. The subject killed a doe and initially tagged it with an either sex permit. Not wanting to use his only buck tag on a doe, the subject later purchased an antlerless only permit and switched the tags. The subject was issued one citation and one warning.

Region II

A CPO and his probationary officer arrested a subject fishing along the Fox River at Moraine Hills State Park on a $3,000 warrant out of DuPage County for failure to appear for driving while suspended. The subject was also cited for fishing without a license and fishing with too many devices.

Region III

A District 11 officer cited a Mattoon man for failure to immediately release a largemouth bass on the Kaskaskia River in the Wildlife Management Area in Moultrie County.
A District 11 officer arrested a Mattoon man on an outstanding warrant out of Moultrie County for failure to appear for resisting arrest.
A District 11 officer arrested a Mattoon man for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis at Lake Paradise in Coles County. The man was also cited for not having any wearable life jackets on board his boat. A passenger on the boat was also arrested on a warrant out of Cumberland County for failure to appear on a DUI charge.
A District 11 CPO investigated and documented damage done to Walnut Point State Park shower house in Douglas County.
A District 19 CPO and an officer-in-training were working the Clinton Lake spillway when they observed a fisherman using bluegills as bait. The officers noticed that several of the bluegills were very small. After asking where the fisherman got the bluegills, he stated he caught them with a cast net from the creek. The officers informed the fisherman that bluegills could only be caught by sportfishing methods. Enforcement action was taken.
A District 19 CPO and his officer-in-training were working a boat patrol on Dawson Lake in McLean County. The patrol ended up with three subjects (one from Bloomington, one from Missouri and one from Alaska) being issued citations for fishing without a valid sports fishing license.
A District 19 CPO assisted the McLean County Sheriff’s Department over the weekend with three underage drinking arrests and a possession of cannabis arrest. The arrests were of Bloomington area subjects near Evergreen Lake.

Region IV

A District 13 CPO was on patrol in Clinton County and observed a man fishing on Carlyle Lake. After checking for a fishing license, the officer observed a bucket containing fish. The officer looked at the fish and determined the fisherman was in possession of two short crappies. The fisherman was cited for the violation, and the fish were able to be released back into the lake.
A District 13 CPO completed an outfitter inspection in Pike County. Numerous violations were noted during the inspection of the required records an outfitter is required to maintain. The outfitter was cited for the violations.
A CPO in Adams County received a call from a site technician worker at Siloam Springs State Park. An individual was camping at the park and not paying any fees. The site worker gave the CPO a license plate of the subject. After running the license plate, it was determined the owner was wanted on a federal warrant for child pornography. The CPO contacted the Adams County Sheriff’s Department FOR assistance. They went to the park, located the subject, and took him into custody.
A District 13 CPO issued a subject a citation for falsification of deer harvest records. The hunter had shot a 5-point buck at a state park during deer season. When he found the deer dead, he saw there was an infection on the back of the deer’s head. The hunter had called the local CPO and told him about it. He was informed by the CPO that he still needed to report his archery deer harvest even though it had an infection and if the meat was also bad, he could dispose of it properly. After learning from an informant that the hunter had called the deer in as a road kill, the CPO interviewed the hunter who confessed to his actions. If the hunter is found guilty, he could have his hunting privileges suspended for a minimum of one year.
A CPO in Jersey County investigated a theft and hunting without permission complaint in Macoupin County. The complainant had a trail camera, treestand, and a large amount of scrap metal stolen from his property during the 2013-14 deer season. Upon checking a second trail camera, the complainant observed three photos of a possible suspect. In one photo, the suspect was holding a bow and dressed in camo. During the investigation, the CPO identified a suspect and after three interviews obtained confessions for all the violations and recovered the trail camera and treestand. A visit to the scrap yard revealed the violator profited $308 off the stolen scrap metal. Enforcement action for theft, hunting on property without permission, hunting deer without archery deer permits and hunting without a hunting license/habitat stamp are pending with the Macoupin County State’s Attorney.

Region V

A CPO investigated a rotting deer carcass in the Benton City limits. A severely decomposed carcass was found in the bed of a truck. The vehicle owner was located and a harvest records check found the subject has never checked in a deer. The subject was cited and given a pair of rubber gloves for the clean-up.
A CPO cited fishermen on Southern Illinois Coal property in Saline County for no fishing license and no life jacket on board a boat. Several written warnings were also issued for fishing without permission and miscellaneous boating violations.
Illegal baiting in Hamilton County during the turkey season is currently being investigated. 
Two CPOs went to each fur pick-up point in multiple counties. One subject was cited for possessing green raccoon hides 20 days past the season.
A CPO responded to Crawford County Conservation Area where a subject was off-roading in his 4-wheel drive truck when it got stuck. Multiple areas were damaged in the park. This has been an on-going issue. The subject was located and arrested for criminal damage to state property and driving off roadway.
A CPO cited a Jasper County turkey hunter for failure to tag his turkey. The subject had transported the turkey back to his truck and placed it in the bed of the truck when the CPO arrived.
A CPO investigated an ATV complaint. The complainant stated he had received information about 50 ATVs operating on state property. The complaint was confirmed, however, the subjects were gone when the CPO arrived. The area will remain under surveillance.
A CPO investigated fishing without permission complaint. The area will remain under surveillance as the subjects in question were not present upon arrival.
A CPO closed out a report of two subjects taking over the limit of waterfowl. The two subjects had taken six and five mallards apiece. It was referred to the USFWS. 

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