Illinois Cuffs & Collars – April 4th, 2014

Region I

A District 7 CPO recovered a dead bald eagle in Knox County after a winter storm with strong winds and driving snow. The bird apparently either ran into the Wolf Covered Bridge or nearby powerlines. It, along with another eagle from Henderson County, was shipped to the USFWS Eagle Feather Repository in Colorado.
A District 7 CPO stopped two snowmobiles after observing them crossing a Knox County Highway improperly. Both failed to bring their snowmobiles to a stop and cross at approximately a 90-degree angle. They were issued written warnings for improper operation on a highway.
A District 7 CPO responded to Banner Marsh in Peoria County to a complaint of two individuals who had driven a vehicle out onto the frozen ice of Wheel Lake. When contacted, the father and son had set up an ice house next to their running Ford Mustang and said they heard the crappies were biting. The CPO asked about the barricade with “Wildlife Refuge – Area Closed” sign they moved at the boat ramp before driving onto the lake. Their response was, “we also saw a no boating sign and thought since we are not in a boat we would be legal.” Enforcement action was taken.
A CPO in Henderson County investigated a complaint regarding the illegal taking of deer in McDonough County. An individual attempted to cover up an illegal deer kill by purchasing tags after the fact. The subject then reported the deer. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A District 1 CPO cited a Lanark man for failure to display valid expiration decal on his snowmobile. The man had his valid registration stickers since December of 2012. He was warned for not having his certificate of number during operation and failure to have proof of mandatory insurance.
A District 1 CPO issued a citation to a Sterling man for ice fishing on the Harry Oppold Marina bay with no sport fishing license. This was after the fisherman had advised the CPO that he left his license at home. Further investigation and interview revealed otherwise.
A District 1 CPO conducted an inspection on a resident fur buyer. Photographs were taken of some of the buyer’s records. The records will assist a downstate CPO with an ongoing investigation.
A District 1 CPO conducted a deer harvest investigation. A citation was issued to a Freeport man for unlawful take of a deer without a valid hunting license. A written warning was issued for unlawful take of a deer without a valid habitat stamp.
A District 1 CPO conducted a deer harvest investigation. A written warning was issued to a Freeport man for failing to report his minor son’s archery harvested deer by 10 p.m. on the date it was taken.
CPOs worked a predator hunt based out of Prophetstown. Complaints of hunters driving in fields and trespassing in Bureau County were received via a TIPS complaint. The CPOs responded to that area and made checks on hunters. A snowmobile was observed operating in a field in the vicinity of this hunting group but was unable to be located. This group received written warnings on minor hunting infractions.
CPOs were doing safety checks on snowmobiles in Carroll County. Multiple safety checks were conducted. Multiple citations were written for snowmobile operators not having proof of mandatory liability insurance. Written warnings were also issued.
A Region 1, District 1 CPO was called out from home at 11 p.m. to handle a serious personal injury snowmobile accident in northern Rock Island County near Barstow. The snowmobile operator was transported to Illini Hospital with life-threatening injuries. While the CPO was on scene investigating the accident, he received confirmation that the snowmobile operator died. The preliminary investigation appears to show the snowmobile operator was traveling at a high rate of speed westbound on a frozen creek. When the operator passed under the low overhead bridge on 227th St. North, his head/helmet struck the bottom of the bridge. The Rock Island County Coroner’s Office ordered toxicology testing.
A District 7 officer arrested an individual for providing fraudulent information to obtain resident hunting licenses and resident archery deer permits. The individual was a Texas resident since 2012 and formerly a California resident. Since 2009 the individual saved $2,300 by purchasing resident licenses and permits instead of non-resident.

Region III

A District 11 CPO cited a Douglas County man for hunting on CSX Railroad property and Ameren property in Douglas County. The subject was rabbit hunting without permission.
District 11 CPOs responded to an unawful hunting of coyote complaint in Shelby County. Two Shelbyville men were cited for running a coyote down with an ATV until the coyote was not able to run anymore. A second man shot from the public road three times within 300 yards of an inhabited dwelling and hunting by use or aid of a vehicle.

Region IV

A Jersey County CPO received information of a buck unlawfully taken in Jersey County by a Pennsylvania resident without a firearm deer permit. With the assistance of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, an interview was conducted and the subject admitted to the violation. The buck was seized, and enforcement action is pending.
A Jersey County CPO investigated a theft complaint. After receiving information of several stolen goose decoys were being used by hunters in Calhoun County, the CPO located the hunting area and discovered several of the reported stolen decoys. The investigation led the CPO to two suspects. Interviews were conducted, and both suspects admitted to stealing the decoys from a private hunting area. Enforcement action is pending.
A CPO in Adams County handled a fatal snowmobile accident in Hancock County. It appears the subject was travelling at a high rate of speed when he struck a small ditch and was ejected from the snowmobile hitting the ground. The subject died from severe trauma to the head and upper body.
A CPO in Jersey County responded to a personal injury traffic crash at Pere Marquette State Park. The vehicle ran off the road and rolled over. The driver was not seriously injured. The CPO handled the crash report.
A CPO in Jersey County went to court on three hunters from North Carolina. They had been buying antlerless-only deer permits and using someone’s resident tags to harvest bucks. The three hunters pleaded guilty in Jersey County to falsification of DNR harvest records and unlawful take of a white-tailed deer. They were fined $3,000 each for a total of $9,000. Two of the three subjects were arrested and convicted in Jersey County in 2008. They were fined $1,000 each in that incident. On the day they went to court and paid the fines, one of the subjects shot his third buck that year. Five deer racks were surrendered to the state per plea agreement.
A CPO in Brown County went to court on five subjects hunting over bait. Total fine amount from all parties involved equaled $1,600.
A CPO in Greene County went to court on a subject in Macoupin County for harvesting ginseng without a license. Total fine was $357. A court order awarded the ginseng to DNR.
A CPO in Greene County went to court on a subject in Macoupin County for harvesting ginseng without a license. Total fine was $318. A court order awarded the ginseng to DNR.

Region V

While patrolling a complaint area for coyote hunters, a Jefferson County man was stopped and arrested for driving with a revoked license, no insurance, and no valid registration. The same CPO cited a Kentucky goose hunter for not having a state waterfowl stamp.
In Williamson County court, two men (a father and son) entered a plea agreement from a 2011 case where a CPO had arrested the two subjects for numerous wildlife violations. The violations in this case involved hunting by use of a motor vehicle and lights of that vehicle, hunting white-tailed deer at night from a roadway, loaded uncased guns, open alcohol, possession of a firearm by a felon and several others. The two men each were found guilty of hunting by use of a vehicle/spotlighting and hunting white-tailed deer between a half hour after sunset and a half hour before sunrise. The two men were fined a total of $10,496. The same two subjects had been arrested by this CPO a decade earlier for nearly the same violations and had been fined $6,053.
A CPO is currently working on a 2013 case involving a North Carolina subject who took a 14-point deer and used a resident landowner’s permit to tag it in Pope County. The landowner also let other subjects use his permits in 2012 to take two bucks.
A citation and written warning were issued out of radio surveillance and subsequent compliance check of a group of coyote hunters. They sent one member of their group across the fields in an UTV to flush coyotes from a ditch line.
Four subjects, who possessed five untagged deer in Hardin County, were charged and received $3,000 in fines. Five subjects, in a Pope county case, were charged with hunting waterfowl over bait. They received a total of over $2,000 in fines.
A CPO served an arrest warrant on a subject who verbally threatened some subjects over who should have a particular duck blind at Pyramid State Park during the youth waterfowl season. After securing the Herrin subject in the Perry County Jail for bonding on the warrant, he was immediately taken to court for this offense. guilty to disorderly conduct in Perry County Court and was assessed a fine of $300.

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