Move forward on learning new Wisconsin deer hunting regulations

Jerry DavisA new way to hunt deer is approaching this autumn, and beyond.  No, not how to drive, stand, sit, bait, or call deer, but a new system of seasons, registration, implements used, tagging, and managing.

The approach to learning about these new regulations will be time consuming and is likely to be frustrating.

Adding to the frustrating part is understanding and accepting the reasons for many of the changes.

We can make the learning process easier if we concentrate on the new methods, but give little thought to the rational for many of the changes.  In many cases there is no rational. The reason sound like subterfuge.

Highlighting the money saved is poor or incomplete accounting, at best.  We were offered the notion that the cost of a review was $125,000.  Really?  Who paid the expenses?  Who paid for the time of DNR staff to gather data, attend meetings, and now implement the suggestions?

Who will pay the contractor who will implement and operate a new registration system and at what cost?

In short, to let it go; accept the system for the time being, and concentrate on hunting safely, legally and ethically.

But keep the changes in your minds so at the appropriate times they can be revised, deleted, improved, and made to fit Wisconsin’s tradition of managing, hunting, enjoying, and understanding how deer fit into the state’s ecosystems.

Deer hunters, deer management and the future of deer in Wisconsin will recover in time.

The DNR can help us in this learning process, but we need to help ourselves, too.

The DNR should scrub news releases of any reference to initials, titles, phrases and the reasons why we are doing so much, so soon, and so quickly without sufficient thought of the future.  It is as though this great idea, this doctrine, and then mentioning it are now sufficient to explain why we should accept the idea.   No more initials and acronyms, please.

Stop rubbing our faces in who did what for what reasons and at what cost.   Stop cheering for domestication, privatization, and non-science in Wisconsin’s deer management.

For now, get on with learning the new regulations.  

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