What goes into the grinding pile when it comes to big game?

Eileen Clarke, the author of eight wild game cookbooks, including her latest titled “Sausage Season, Making your wild meat wildly amazing” and “Slice of the Wild: Cut and cook game for your table” offers these tips for trimming your game to prepare it for grinding. Find Eileen’s cookbooks at www.riflesandrecipes.com

What goes into the grinding pile is meat. It’s what doesn’t go into it that counts. No fat, no thick sinew, no bloodshot meat (center foreground), no bits of sagebrush or pine needles. Take a look at the meat at your grocery store. Don’t add damaged or unclean meat to your burger pile. It will affect the taste.
Deer, elk, caribou and antelope don’t have tasty fat, so that needs to go, too.  Then trim away the sinew thick enough to bind up the grinder.  (Are you using a gamy animal for burger, be ruthless about sinew. That’s where those flavors hang out.) 
What you don’t need to trim away is ‘silver skin,’ the filmy stuff you could read the fine print of a contract through.  Many people spend hours trimming silver skin—and ripping apart potential steaks and roasts in the process—but it isn’t necessary. 


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