Lake Michigan fishing slowly starting to get that spring feel

Cory YarmuthThe calendar says that it is March, but the weather sure hasn't made it feel that way.  With unseasonable cold weather and ever present snow squalls it is unknown if we are ever going to have a spring.

However, we must keep the faith and brave the weather to get out and take advantage of the great fishing that is beginning here on the south end of Lake Michigan.  The spring brings the brown trout and Coho salmon along the shorelines and everyone from boaters to the shore angler can take advantage of this great fishing.

The shore anglers have already been out in force with their casting rods as well as the power-line set-ups.  For those who have never seen a Power-line in action this is a great time to head down to the lakefront to see what it is all about.  The thrill of having the bell on the cart ring as fish leap out of the water that have taken one of your presentations is a great way to warm up in this cold weather.

The boaters are able to get in on a hot trolling bite.  Long lining crankbaits and spoons is a great way to fill the cooler.  However with some light tackle you can also cast the local discharges with twister tails or blade baits and catch some great fish that will certainly give you a fantastic battle.

Even though it isn't 70 degrees out that shouldn't stop you from pulling the cover off of the boat and dusting the long rods off.   It is time to head out and feel the bend of the rod as you fight a fish on the other end of the line.

Good luck out there and stay safe!

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