Former Illinos DNR Director Manning addresses deer herd

Keri ButtRecently, I had the opportunity to chat with former DNR director, Brent Manning.  Manning, who is part of the Illinois Whitetail Alliance,  served as DNR director from 1991 until 2003. He has a Master Degree in Environmental Biology and zoology from Eastern Illinois University.

Like many hunters in the state, Manning believes that EHD and blue tongue disease have taken their toll on the deer.

I asked Manning if he felt the Illinois deer herds were being managed appropriately by professionals.

“I think there are underlying issues that have changed the ball game,” he replied.

Manning’s perspective is that changes need to be made starting with making some serious changes to the deer seasons, specifically late-season hunting.

“Taking mature animals out of the herd during late season can really affect the deer population,” he said.

Read more from my chat with Manning in the April 4 Illinois Outdoor News.

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