New in-line reels eliminate dreaded “lure spin”

If you worry about “lure spin” when ice fishing, pay attention. When jigging abruptly for 5 to 10 minutes, you’ll often find yourself dealing with line twist, and concern about twisted fishing line imparting spinning movement on your lures is not hype. Spinning lures cost you bites! Fish find spin unnatural and will spook.

Coiled line occurs in the summer, too, but because our lures are less stationary then, that movement isn’t detectable. Not the case in winter when we’re often suspending jigs.

Traditionally, when reeling up with a spinning reel, I always dangle several feet of line off the end of my rod and allow coils or spin in the lure to unravel.

In-line reels provide another great new solution. These reels are similar to a fly reel, and some manufacturers, like Clam with its Ice Spooler, are building and marketing more of them. They have a larger arbor spool, and they’re growing in popularity. These reels eliminate lure spin 100 percent because you do not have oscillation on your spool. This also avoids line twist and memory or coiling.

This is a great new innovation that will help you catch more fish!

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