Attend fish and game open houses to make opinion count

So, whaddayathink about the new proposed Ohio deer regs? Are you OK with Lake Erie walleye and perch rules? Disgusted with the last duck season? What else trips your fish and game trigger – what pet peeves?

Well, the Ohio Division of Wildlife is giving you an annual chance for face-to-face discussion with real staff people – a treasure in this e-mail, voice-mail, impersonalized social-media, wait-on-phone-hold age.

It says here that few government agencies are willing to take a free shot on the chin from the public like the wildlife division does. Bravo for the division. That is called real customer service. You hardly find that any more. Take advantage of it. After all, what outdoor sports programs are on the cable or dish on a Saturday afternoon in March anyway – at least something that is not rehash, canned, or camo-coated blah-blah?

So, your questions about the proposed 2014-2015 Ohio deer hunting seasons and regulations can get official answers at open houses on Saturday, March 1, from noon to 3 p.m., and on-line  through Sunday, March 2.

The open houses also are “open” to receive public comments about any hunting, trapping and fishing regulations and wildlife issues. They are scheduled at Division of Wildlife District One [central, Dublin], District Two [northwest, Findlay], District Three [northeast, Akron], and District Four [southeast, Athens] offices, the Greene County Fish and Game Association clubhouse in Xenia [southwest], the Lake Erie Fairport office, and the Lake Erie Shores and Islands Regional Welcome Center in Port Clinton. Directions to the open houses can be found at or by calling 800-WILDLIFE (945-3543).

These programs usually are poorly attended. That’s our fault, not that of the Division of Wildlife. If you do not attend and say your piece – courteously, please – or at least have your say electronically, on-line, you have no grounds for griping at the club.

Speaking of griping at the club, venting your emotions about an issue may make you feel better but it changes nothing, at least if you do not follow it up in word or deed. The open houses are where the rubber meets the road, as the tire ad says.

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