22 Outdoor Gift Ideas for 2013

Most hunters and anglers are fine with a gift certificate to their local sporting goods store for their Holiday gift. But that’s not very personal, now is it?! There are a ton of choices for the soul who is brave enough to try to buy something for their loved one – but Outdoor News has helped narrow the playing field a bit. Buy any of the gifts below and you can skip the gift-receipt.


Don’t let the trimmer looks fool you, the Pro Attachment Series by Echo is the perfect affordable way to not just manage your lawn and garden, but also install that hard-to-reach food plot. On base head unit allows a person to interchange a blower, tiller/cultivator, trimmer, thatcher, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, and pruner. Several sizes are available for weekend and commercial work alike. It’s the multipurpose source for keeping a lawn neat or installing a food plot on your own.


Whether you’re flushing ring-necked pheasants in South Dakota or hunting elk in the Bitterroot Mountains, your primary task after the hunt is to preserve and secure your quarry for the table. Grizzly Coolers are the perfect solution to store and transport your game to its final destination. They offer the ultimate safekeeping, security and preserve freshness. Hunters who travel the world chose Grizzly Coolers because of their rugged strength and 19-day ice retention. Several sizes are available.


The GameSaver Silver G500 vacuum sealing system is sleek and perfect for the outdoorsman with a 15-foot, 12-volt adapter and 6-foot power cord for preserving fish or game right in the field. Just plug it in your truck or boat and seal the day’s bounty right on the spot. The unit removes air and provides a quality, tight seal, to keep fish and game fresher up to five times as long than traditional storage methods. Frozen meat can last up to 2.5 years!

Hip Targets

The 12Pack is an affordable target that measures 12-by-12-by-12 inches and can be shot from all six sides of the target. Don’t let the small size fool you- this little guy can stop compound arrows and crossbow bolts with ease. It’s easy to stow and carry and can be used with field points or broadheads.

Outdoor News Subscription or Gear

Give the gift that gives the sportsman or woman in your life the best news and information about the outdoors! Heck, the subscription is a really cheap date and way better than a tie. Already have a subscription? You can always tack on another year or maybe check out some Outdoor News apparel?


How about an affordable, secure cabinet for bows, guns, and gear this Christmas? The Buck Commander Bow and Gun Cabinet answers. The door is secured with a 3-point locking system and double bitted, key-coded cylinder lock, while the cabinet stores up to two standard sized compound bows and up to eight rifles or shotguns. Padded interior is included on the bow side of the cabinet to protect bows when stored. An additional hanging peg is included for hanging storage outside the cabinet.

Hi Mountain Seasonings

In response to numerous requests from customers, Hi Mountain Seasonings has introduced three of its most popular Jerky Cure & Seasoning Kits in low-sodium versions. The Original, Hickory and Hunter’s Blend Jerky Cure & Seasoning Kits will now be available with 50-percent less salt in the seasoning. It’s a perfect gift for the aging hunter watching blood pressure or anyone watching their sodium intake.

Bass Pro Shops

If a person is tired of cheap, suspect rain gear then look for Bass Pro Shops 100-mph Gore-Tex Rain parkas and bibs under the tree this year. Every attention to detail has been made with storm flaps, sealed zippers, and large gear pockets. Quite simply, the 100 mph series of garments is impenetrable to rain while still being breathable for weekend and tournament anglers alike. Articulated elbows mean unrestricted comfort, and the roomy, zip-off visor hood keeps rain at bay even at extreme speeds.

GSI Outdoors

Want a great cup of coffee while camping or on a hunting trip? Look no further with the Commuter Java Press. It’s a French press built right into an insulated mug. Put three tablespoons of grounds into the unit, add some boiling water, and press. It’s gourmet coffee in the field without the price of a franchise brew house.


ThermaCell Heated Insoles are the only cordless, remote controlled, rechargeable Heat Insoles with a built-in thermostat.  They make an ingenious holiday gift for all who hate cold feet.  They are perfect for heading to the rink to watch a hockey game or when sitting on post for deer hunting. A hunter can just add heat when feet get cold or turn it off when they are warm.

Real Avid

 The Multi-Cutter, by Real Avid, provides serious, portable cutting power in the field, for rifle and shotgun hunters. It’s a single tool that shears bird bones, field dresses deer and saws through branches when brushing out a shooting lane or putting up a stand.

Hunting GPS Maps

Hunting GPS Maps offers a new Hunt App for iOS devices. The new app will allow you to turn your iPhone or iPad into a GPS unit that displays your location relative to public and private property boundaries, hunting unit boundaries, and it also displays land-owner names–all layered over aerial imagery or topo base maps. Easily plan hunts, access public and private lands, cache maps, and make waypoints right on your mobile device.


The new HSC-B Heated Seat Cushion offers rechargeable lithium batteries to keep your buns warm for hours. A high and low switch adapts to the climate. It’s portable, lightweight, water resistant and perfect for the hunter who defies frigid temps.


The Revenge XL Hang On sports Super Cam leverage for a rock solid post even with hunters up to 300 pounds. A large flip-up seat is perfect for bowhunting while a 33.75-inch by 23-inch platform is roomy. Aluminum and steel construction is solid.


The PowerFish’NTM Pro PF-100 is the first in a new line of hybrid reels for fresh-water fishing featuring a Shakespeare spinning reel fitted with a strong, quiet, electric motor to enhance the fishing experience. It gives users the ability to manually hand crank line in, or retrieve it automatically with the touch of a switch.

Beaver Dam

The Beaver Bracket is perfect for ice anglers who want to keep their rail tip ups or rods secure. Attach them to a bucket for keeping tip ups tangle free on the hard water or put them in your garage, shanty, or ATV for storage. Fits most rail style tip ups and rods.

Easton Outfitters

The Game Trail Hunting pack is perfect for spot-and-stalk hunting but works great too for getting gear to your ground blind or treestand. It’s lightweight while still offering 1100 cubic inches of space- it’s even hydration compatible. Several gear pockets helps keep things organized and it’s just the right size to convert to a “pillow” for spike camps.

Chestnut Hill Outdoors

Give the gift that attracts deer for a lifetime with a blight-resistant Dunstan Chestnut Tree. The tree bears nuts in only two to four years and produces more high nutrition per acre than oaks or hybrids. They bear crops for 50 to 100 years and offer 40-percent carbohydrates and 10-percent protein sweet nuts deer can’t resist.

Otis Technology

Taking care of your gun has never been easier thanks to the new Ripcord, which provides one-pass cleaning. It’s composed of heat resistant fibers braided over a molded, rubberized core/cable that allows the Ripcord to clean firearms from breech-to-muzzle in one quick pass.

Diamond Archery

The Sub-Atomic is a great gift idea for the young archer. It weighs in at just 1.5 pounds and has a draw weight of 15-25 pounds. It’s easy to assemble, quiet, and durable, perfect for the first time archer.


The Optima Chargers Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer and Battery is super compact and can easily be used to charge and maintain a variety of vehicle segments including those in the motorcycle, powersport, and lawn and garden categories. It has a charge rate of up to four amps on large batteries and three amps on small batteries and can be utilized to keep all 12V AGM and flooded batteries healthy during storage. Additionally, the Digital 400 will automatically maximize battery life and performance with Optima’s built-in battery health mode.

Covert Scouting Cameras

New for 2013- Covert Scouting Cameras offers the “MP6 Black” a compact, invisible flash camera at an economical price! The MP6 Black features 40 invisible flash LEDs with a 45-foot range. The MP6 Black produces 8 megapixel, post card quality photos stamped with the date, time, temp and moon phase. The Covert MP6 Black also shoots video! The camera features a color viewer and allows custom settings, all at a gift friendly price!


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