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Illinois Cuffs and Collars – November 15th, 2013

Region I

A District 7 sergeant recovered two bald eagles. The first was recovered near Dickson Mounds Museum. After a short trip to Wildlife Prairie Park, it was determined that the eagle was emaciated for some unknown reason. After a few good meals, the eagle’s spirits and attitude were much improved. The staff at Wildlife Prairie Park described it as having the “nastiest attitude” they had ever seen. It was transferred to the Illinois Raptor Center in Decatur and will be released in a few weeks. The second eagle was hit by a semi near the Spoon River Bridge on U.S. Route 24. It is in the process of being shipped to the Bald Eagle Repository in Colorado. This is the legal source for Native Americans to obtain eagle parts for religious ceremonies.
A CPO cited an individual for destroying trees at Mautino State Fish and Wildlife Area to build a fort in which to camp.
A District 6 CPO conducted compliance checks of dove hunters at state hunting sites in Dekalb and Lasalle counties. Citations for possession of lead shot and use of an unplugged shotgun were issued, as well as several written warnings for other violations.
While investigating a fishing complaint in the Rockford area, a CPO encountered a Rockford man who emerged from a wooded area along the Rock River. The subject denied fishing and stated he was just “hanging out.” The CPO accompanied the man down to the river bank and discovered four fishing lines, which had been cast into the water and tied to sticks along the bank. Upon questioning the man further, the subject admitted to fishing. The man stated he didn’t have a fishing license because he wasn’t using a fishing pole and was only fishing for fun. The CPO explained to the man the necessity to purchase a fishing license. A check of the man’s name and date of birth revealed the subject was wanted on warrant for failure to appear for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The CPO arrested the man and charged him with fishing without a fishing license.
Cocaine and beer were being enjoyed until two CPOs took enforcement action at Mississippi Palisades State Park. A female from Savanna and a male friend from Mt. Carroll were just relaxing in a parking lot on a beautiful fall day. Both were jailed for controlled substance and the female for DUI-drugs.
A District 1 CPO received a complaint from a Joslin man of repeated dumping taking place at the entrance to a rural property he took care of. The man stated he read in the Illinois Outdoor News publication that DNR sometimes handle these types of complaints. The CPO ran down multiple leads and developed a suspect. The suspect was a drifter who was known to scrap metal. The suspect was located and interviewed. The suspect first denied dumping the materials. After the suspects lies were disproven during the interview, he admitted to dumping the materials. The suspect was arrested for dumping the materials and had a mandatory court date in Rock Island County Court in October. The investigation continues on the rest of the dumped material.
A District 6 officer was contacted by the local EMS. They had responded to a call of an individual with a hand injury. The man had been fishing on the Illinois River when he decided to light a small explosive device. His injuries occurred when he was unable to throw the device before it blew up. His right hand was badly injured. He was transported to a local hospital and then transferred to a Peoria hospital. When interviewed by the officer, the man stated he was not going to throw the explosive into the river but onto the shore. The officer went to the location where the accident occurred and located a blood trail in the sand near the water’s edge. Due to the premature detonation, the device never made it into the water so no enforcement was taken for fishing by illegal methods. But the man was issued a citation for possession and use of fireworks under the Pyrotechnic Use Act.
A District 6 officer was contacted by the Starved Rock staff about individuals camping in a restricted area. The officer located four individuals with a large amount of alcohol in the restricted area. They told the officer they were getting ready to have a birthday party and had been told by “someone” they could camp in the area, but they could not remember the “someone’s” name. Luckily the party had not started, because stone cold sober it took them 11⁄2 hours to remove all the camping gear from the area. Enforcement action was taken.
While observing bank fishermen at the Oregon Dam, a District 1 CPO observed a subject catch an under-sized smallmouth bass and put it on his stringer. As the CPO walked down to conduct compliance checks, he observed the subject run to his stringer and attempt to remove the small bass. The CPO was able to get to the subject before he removed it. The subject was issued a citation for the short bass, and the fish was released back to the water.
A District 1 CPO was checking bank fishermen along the Rock River in Ogle County when he observed one of the fishermen drop his pole and walk to the porta-potty to hide from the CPO. When the subject thought it was safe to come out, the CPO was waiting there to issue the fisherman a citation for fishing without a license.
Area CPOs conducted a watercraft patrol on Pierce Lake at Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County. Fifteen watercraft were inspected by the CPO who discovered and addressed 14 violations to include: insufficient number of wearable PFDs, no type IV throwable PFD, expired registration, fire extinguisher(s) not in serviceable condition, failure to cover and secure batteries, no sounding device, PFD age requirement – children under age 13 not wearing PFD and unlawful fishing without a fishing license.
Along the banks of the Rock River in Ogle County officers discovered a dead buck. Preliminary results indicate the deer had died from EHD. Other deer have been reported.
“I’m not fishing” said a Chicago man when asked for his fishing license at the Oregon Dam. The officer displayed a pair of binoculars and advised the man he was observed fishing from across the river. The offender hung his head and said “This is my first time.” The officer pointed to his well-seasoned fishing gear and full tackle box and said honesty is the best policy, and then issued a citation.

Region II

A District 2 CPO heard a dispatch of a stop and hold call for a subject who intentionally rammed a Lake In The Hills police car. The CPO arrived on scene with three other Algonquin Police cars. As the subject was confronted in the Wal-Mart parking lot, he stated he was not going to talk with the police. When he was advised he was under arrest, he stated he was going to kill the police. Algonquin police deployed the taser as the subject ran at the CPO. The taser did not stop the aggression and a foot chase ensued. The CPO gave chase and caught the subject where a struggle ensued. Upon arrival of the other Algonquin Police, the taser was deployed again, this time with success. The subject fell to the ground and was taken into custody. The subject was charged with criminal damage to property, aggravated battery to a police officer, and resisting arrest. His bond was set at $35,000. While at jail, the subject tried to escape and now faces additional charges of attempting to escape.
Three District 2 CPOs investigated a fatal boating accident on Lake Marie, part of the Chain ’O Lakes. The 47-year-old male subject was boating with his 13-year-old daughter when he fell from the boat. It is believed he had engine problems and was attempting to fix the boat. After a five-minute struggle in the water, the subject went under water. The fire department spent three hours diving for a recovery. Sonar units were deployed and the subject was located and recovered about 4.5 hours after he went under. The investigation is still pending.
While checking fishermen along the Fox River, from the Algonquin Dam and into Kane County, two District 2 CPOs issued 11 fishing license citations (including two subjects snagging fish) and several written warnings (no fishing license and no wake violations). Upon finishing up for the evening, they went back to the Algonquin Dam to see if anyone was netting fish. There were no netters, but as they were walking back to their squad, two subjects in a Chevrolet Impala came racing down the street past them. A subsequent stop of the vehicle yielded both subjects being wanted on outstanding warrants, neither wearing seatbelts, the driver with a revoked driver’s license, no insurance, in addition to being DUI. The driver refused all field sobriety tests and chemical testing. While en route to jail, the passenger stated that each of them had drank over a case of beer each, since 9 a.m., and that the driver is a frequent user of cocaine.

Region III

A District 11 CPO assisted Douglas County and Newman Police Department in securing a meth lab. The lab was located in a closet in a trailer in Newman. A local Newman officer detected a strong odor of chemical smell to prompt the investigation while responding to a complaint. All subjects had previous meth charges. The three subjects were taken into custody on charges of manufacturing meth. While responding to the lab, a domestic also occurred two blocks away. A subject barricaded himself in his house with a gun and knife. The subject stated that he was going to kill himself.
A District 11 CPO located a baited dove field in Douglas County. The field was under surveillance for five days. The subjects showed up on the fifth day. There was approximately 300 pounds of cracked corn and bird seed broadcasted over the dove field. The landowner stated he last spread the seed on Aug. 28. Four subjects were charged with hunting doves over bait.
A District 19 CPO assisted an Illinois State Police trooper with an ISPERN call of shots being fired on the interstate at a vehicle that was pursuing the shooters. The CPO and trooper attempted to make a stop on the vehicle and the subjects responsible for the shooting. The vehicle tried to flee but struck a power pole and the two subjects fled on foot. Both subjects were taken into custody a short distance from the accident. A large amount of cannabis was recovered at the scene and a firearm was recovered on the interstate. The two subjects were charged with armed violence among several other charges.

Region IV

A CPO received information that a subject was digging ginseng early in Calhoun County. The CPO located the subject who admitted to digging ginseng early. He had ginseng drying on window screen that was in various stages of drying. In a paper bag, he had 1.02 pounds of very dry ginseng that he had dug early. He claimed he started digging the third week of the month, he was referring to the month of August.
A CPO was dispatched to Lock and Dam 21 in reference to a kidnapping incident. The CPO was informed that a woman had been kidnapped approximately two to three weeks ago in Minnesota, and the woman was being held on-board a boat on the Mississippi River, specifically at Lock and Dam 21. The woman managed to obtain a knife and cellphone. The victim was resisting her captor and was attempting to call for help. Illinois State Police, Adams County Sheriff’s Department, and the FBI responded to the scene as well. Adams County was the first on the scene and secured the subject and watercraft.

Region V

CPOs checking dove hunters in Jefferson County cited two hunters for taking doves over a baited area. The hunters gathered corn from an adjacent standing corn field then threw the corn cobs and bits in the decoys of the grass field they were hunting.
A CPO cited a waterfowl hunter at Ten Mile Creek in Jefferson County for hunting with lead shot and taking a goose out of season.
A CPO is investigating a TIPS complaint of a subject placing bait and treestands on a landowner’s property without permission.
A CPO investigated a subject who was placing poison around his property. The complaint was confirmed by the CPO when he discovered four pans around the subject’s property containing a blue liquid. The subject was questioned and stated he was having problems with raccoons. The subject was using a substance called Golden Marlin which is intended to kill insects when used correctly. The subject was mixing the poison with soda pop. The poison is very lethal as one dead raccoon was found within just a few feet of one of the pans. The subject was cited for using poison to take wildlife and advised how to legally deal with the raccoon problem.
A CPO conducted surveillance of a bow fisherman on the Ohio River who is suspected of illegally dumping fish in the river as well as the public boat ramp at Fort Massac State Park.
A CPO is investigating a Kentucky timber buyer after receiving information of illegal timber cutting.
A CPO attended and gave a presentation on trapping laws at a trapper education class held in Carbondale. The class was around 50 students as it appears high fur prices are fueling a renewed interest in trapping.
A CPO located two subjects on Snake Road (Shawnee National Forest) with tools to collect snakes and pillowcases to transport them with in their possession. It is unlawful to possess those articles on that site.
A CPO assisted the Wisconsin DNR with the interview of a subject from southern Illinois who has been selling large amounts of ginseng in Wisconsin. During the interview, the subject admitted to the investigators numerous violations. Charges are pending.
A CPO was inspecting dove hunters and found one hunter whose gun could hold more than three shells. The gun had a plug but was set up to hold 31⁄2-inch shells from late winter goose season not the 23⁄4-inch shells he was shooting for dove. Three of the 23⁄4-inch shells could fit in the magazine tube with the plug. He and his friend also had failed to register with HIP.
CPOs and a district sergeant cited four boats for entering the Rend Lake subimpoundment waterfowl areas prior to the start of duck season.
A CPO inspected a person keeping quail without a game and game breeder permit.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A CPO cited a fisherman on Rend Lake for taking eight crappies over the limit.
A district sergeant cited waterfowl hunters for early entry into the Rend Lake sub-impoundment areas prior to 4:30 am.

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