Fall a good time for landowners to do habitat work and control invasives

Buckthorn has dark purple berries and round, dark green leaves and landowners should try to remove this invasive from their woodlands. Photo by Tim EiseleTim EiseleOnce the leaves have fallen and trees become dormant is a great time to work in the woodlands.

This is also a good time to work on invasive species, such as buckthorn and honeysuckle that often keep their leaves long after most other shrubs and trees have dropped leaves.  While walking the woods keep your eye open for those low lying shrubs that have green leaves, with a good chance they are buckthorn or honeysuckle.

Once they are found, these two invaders can be “controlled” by pulling them up by the roots, cutting the stalk and then stump treating the newly cut surface with herbicide, or spraying the green (still growing) leaves with an appropriate herbicide.

Anyone who owns woodland and would like information on what to do in the woods this winter should consider getting on the e-mail list for “My Wisconsin Woods.”  It is a partnership of private and public organizations working together to help woodland owners in southwest Wisconsin.

Coordinated primarily by the Aldo Leopold Foundation in Baraboo, the organization has a web site that has news and lists contact sources.

For instance, by going to http://mywisconsinwoods.org/news a landowner will find a list of news releases that will be helpful in planning woodland activities.  And by signing up landowners receive a free monthly newsletter by e-mail.

By clicking on the button for fall invasive control methods, the page shows photos of buckthorn, honeysuckle and autumn olive.  And there are many other helpful news items that landowners will find of interest.

Why do they do it?  Jen Simoni, project coordinator for the Aldo Leopold Foundation, said they want to provide “one stop shopping” for new or experienced landowners.

Although My Wisconsin Woods is primarily aimed at landowners in the Driftless Region of southwest Wisconsin, it is a collective effort of good conservation organizations working together and the information should be helpful to all landowners.

Steve Swenson, ecologist at ALF, knows that land ownership is an American dream, filled with opportunity and challenge.

“My Wisconsin Woods helps landowners ‘take care’ of land using the landowners interests as guide,” Swenson said.  “It’s a place with information, resources and technical expertise allowing them to successfully realize their American dream of landownership.”

Click HERE for more information.

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