Full Minneapolis City Council approves feral cat ordinance 13-0

Rob DriesleinThe Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed its trap, neuter, and release ordinance Friday morning 13-0. The vote followed a fair amount of bizarre debate from council members who enjoy hearing the sound of their own voices. After watching this, it's clear to me that anyone who read Shawn Perich’s column or University of Minnesota professor Bob Zink’s commentary in the print edition of this week’s Outdoor News  understands the issue better than most city council members.

Trap, neuter, and release proponents frequently claim that if they don’t replace the cat after neutering it, then other cats will fill its place. There’s an easy solution: Kill that cat, too. Don’t take a cat you’ve already removed, conducted surgery upon, then release it back into the environment. That’s insane. Remove the cat, euthanize it, and when other cats fill the void, repeat as needed. (By the way, our state and federal natural resources enforcement officers should be busting feral cat caretakers for releasing an exotic species.)

The entire debate illustrates just how incredibly  environmentally illiterate a growing percentage of American citizens, including Minneapolis council members, have become.

By the way, next time I accuse Republicans of being anti-science, feel free to throw this situation in my face. These big-city liberals are more than happy to enact an anti-wildlife, anti-environment, and anti-science policy. I’m embarrassed for my state and its largest city.

Finally, per this link, Lakeland, Fla., recently nixed a similar program due to health concerns related to feeding feral cats. The whole topic is disgusting.

I can barely stomach watching the City Council debate, but if you’re interested in viewing Exhibit A in the downfall of the American Experiment for yourself, click here.

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